When You See A Shift Coming

Earlier this year, social media saw a shift when two new forms of engagement were introduced. Periscope and Blab are shifting how people are choosing to interact with one another for personal and business needs. Getting in on this shift for me has been exciting, but it has also proven challenging as I acclimate myself to it. It’s stretching me as I have relied heavily on blogging as my main means of sharing my thought. Yet, this shift is one that also signals opportunities to get ahead.

Yesterday began a new month, as well as signaled another kind of shift. For some people the month of September is a month in which either most school-age children are setting to go back, or are now fully engaged in active learning. For some others, it may signal that time of year where you may want to get out in the garden and begin to harvest fruits and vegetables that are fully mature and are ready for use. Whatever September signals for you, one thing can be certain, it is a definite signal that a shift is coming.

When I think back to the Idea of a periscope, Merriam-Webster defines it as being “a long tube that contains lenses and mirrors and that is used to look over or around something and especially by a person in a submarine to see above the surface of the water.” The month of September is a time in which we are given somewhat of a period to look around at our surroundings to see shifts and changes going on.

Just as in the use of a periscope, it allows you to look out for things that might not be otherwise visible to you, September provides us an opportunity to look at things that we too might not otherwise consider. It sets the stage for finalizing summer events and socializations while getting us more focused on work and winter plans. In some instances, we know that certain weather events are more prevalent, so we begin to budget and stock up on things we may need for emergency use. It is also a time where people become aware that certain time zones may be affected by the changing of the clock, so we prepare ourselves for shorter days and daylight activities.

Whatever the shift that you see, the bottom line becomes your need to make adjustments so that the transition becomes a smoother one rather than a hazardous wreck. I’m hoping that just as this month has come and presented whatever shifts you may be facing, that it has also presented you with opportunities to look ahead and even give considerations to ways to become better, more effective, efficient, healthy and spiritually grounded.


QUESTION: What are some things that you do when you see a shift coming? 


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