Honoring Sickle Soldiers is a Labor of Love

While people all over the country were celebrating Labor Day this past Monday, this entire month has been set aside as Sickle Cell Awareness Month. Thousands of people will partake in various campaigns throughout the month to help spread the news, and champion the cause of both raising money for research, as well as speaking up about this still heavily neglected chronic illness that affects millions of people of African and Mediterranean descent.

Image Credit: FreeImages.com

Image Credit: FreeImages.com

Throughout the United States, there will be walk-a-thons, skate-a-thons, #BoldLipsForSickleCell, Wear Red Days, and even the annual Sickle Cell Symposium in Baltimore, MD. The symposium is a major effort to educate both the medical community, as well as the public of all of the innovations being made, as well as the state of where things need to go so that families affected have the best information and resources that are available.

As I’ve begun to dedicate more of my own blogging to things that are Sickle Cell Awareness based, I realize how much more of a labor of love it can be. This isn’t just in the area of making people aware and giving voice to this often neglected illness. It is a labor of love in the sense that I begin to connect even more with the community that I’ve been a part of my entire life. The more I share, the more people I come into contact with who are going through the same battles that I’ve faced, and some I’ve not. There is empathy, sympathy, and a heart that is met with greater compassion to pray for/with those like me.

We fight battles every day that few will ever even grasp. Sickle Cell is nothing like Cancer, ALS, Leukemia, HIV/AIDS or any other thing you can try to imagine. My greatest prayer is always that a cure is found, even as I know that I and others hold fast to our faith that God is able to do exceeding and abundantly above anything we can ask, hope, or imagine. I also pray that in the meantime He always grants us the strength to endure, overcome and lean on His strength when ours is not enough to bear the burdens of our weakest moments.

I honor every Sickle Soldier who continues to fight their fight in grace and humility. I pray the more for those who have yet to find the hope that is in Christ Jesus alone. I also pray that in this month, a greater light will be shown on the Sickle Community at large so that people will not only have respect and understanding, but also open arms and hearts to lift up everyone that fights with heart.

If you happen to see me or anyone on the streets who lives with Sickle Cell, feel free to let us know that you love us, are praying for us, and are standing with us. Your words of encouragement go a long way to lifting our spirits and making us smile even in those moments when it is hard to do. As you pray for us, you can best believe we’ll be praying for you.


QUESTION: Do you know someone with Sickle Cell? How will you honor them this month and beyond?



  1. Hello my name is Paizley Carwell and this is my story , I was diagnosed with Sickle Cell the worst kind wich was SS. I would be in the hospital almost everyday I had kemo therapy and it took all my hair out , I had strokes at the age of 5/6 that messed up my walking and left me disabled and having scoliosis, and was in Commas . I was left with no veins, I missed a lot of days in school . I was referred to T-Boz doctor,Dr. Sebi in Honduras . Dr. Sebi is a walking angel he has a cure for everything Sickle Cell, AIDS, Cancer, blindness, he even cured his self from being blind. Anyways the sickle cell gotten so bad I was taking 15 pills a day. He told my mom I dnt need to take all this pills just his medicine so he made me some medicine thinking it will work and it did. I had no pain for a month, but after I ran out of his medicine my pain started to get worse again . I had to have blood transfusions every day or every other day, the doctors said I wouldn’t make it at age 18 . So I was 15 wen my mom and the doctors were talking about giving me a Bone Marrow Transplant in 2006. The doctors told my mom if I have a Bone Marrow Transplant there is a 50 % chance I wouldn’t make it, so we decided to go head and do the Bone Marrow. My family wasn’t a match. So this lady Jackie Byrd heard my story about me getting a Bone Marrow. She was kind enough to go into surgery and have it done . I was in the hospital for 6 months getting this Bone Marrow . After I had gotten to fly to Florida to meet my donor at a Sickle Cell convention and told my story about dealing with Sickle Cell. God and Jackie are my saviors. I’m 22 now Sickle Cell Free. I’m the 2nd person in the world that was cured from having the worst Sickle Cell SS . I am the Poster Child for Sickle Cell in the Bone Marrow Registry 👍👍😄. I’m doing a lot more now then I was doing when I had Sickle Cell. It left me with some problems still but that’s just the way it is . Im about to see the age 23 by the grace of God . Thank you 😊

    1. Paizley, I want to begin by first saying how thankful and honored I am that you have shared your story. It is such an amazing thing to see and hear how God works through people to deliver us from the things that are weights and burdens. I too was diagnosed with the SS form, as was my father who died when I was only 8 years old. I think the journey that you went on in the struggle has only prepared you for where you have yet to go and I pray that as you continue to grow stronger, you will also find that the things that remain will pass away. I believe that God is not one who does things in part. He truly wants a completed work. I look forward to hearing more from you and what God does through you as you keep living the life God has blessed you to live.

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