God Has No Love For Lukewarm Christians

There is probably very few passages of scripture that really brings attention to the heart of a Christian of the kind of life he or she should live than Revelation 3:15-16. This particular passage is the revelation received by John from Jesus regarding seven churches. The church of Laodicea had the indictment of having become a lukewarm body of believers. The admonishing here straight from Christ was that God has no love for anything which is lukewarm.

Image Credit: Freely

Image Credit: Freely

As I sat watching the movie War Room, my wife and I knew immediately where Miss Clara was going to go in her conversation with Elizabeth Jordan as she sat down to ask her how she drinks her coffee. The questions she raised throughout the conversation were all an object lesson that would eventually lead Elizabeth to quickly realize the type of Christian she was, as oppose to the Christian she was portraying herself to be.

So often, we can think that the things we are doing are enough for God. However, God will often use people and situations to draw our attention the truth we need so that if we are not where we ought to be, we can get there. Revelation 3:15-16 (HCSB) says, “I know your works, that you are neither hot or cold. So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I am going to vomit you out of My mouth.”

I don’t drink coffee, but I’ve had the experience of lukewarm water. In fact, it happened to me this past weekend as my wife and I took our children to Busch Gardens to celebrate their birthdays collectively. We took bottles with us having the intention of being able to avoid paying for drinks once we were inside. My son and younger daughter ran to the fountain in the park where we were planning to fill up before beginning our trek. They told us the water tasted funny.

Unfortunately, they often don’t know how to fully communicate what they mean when something doesn’t taste how they think it should taste. My wife made me the subsequent guinea pig to ascertain what the problem was. Before I began to fill up the bottles I tasted the water to discover that it was, in fact, warmer than room temperature water. It was not suitable for our use.

As Christians, we are of little use to God when we present ourselves as lukewarm. There is another scripture that speaks of our relationship with God and money that reveals how we cannot serve two masters, for we’ll love one and hate the other, or it will be the other way around. If we try to straddle the fence between the two, it is as I often tell people, “most painful”. We are essentially splitting our allegiance when we try to live as lukewarm Christians. We must be hot and on fire for God because His heart burns for us and His desire is that our hearts would burn for Him.

If we are to have any impact in the earth, in our communities, our family, our places of work and worship, we have to present ourselves as Christians who are on fire for God. We have to have a passion for the things that matter to God. This is often birthed by how hot our passion for intimacy with God is. When our intensity for intimacy wanes, we lose our heat for everything that matters to Him. We have a choice of what kind of Christian we can be. Yet, Christ made it completely clear that a lukewarm Christian it totally undesirable. If you wanted your marriage or any other natural relationship to be hot it would require you to put an intense flame in your intimacy in that relationship. It’s no different with your relationship with God. Choose to be hot for Him.


QUESTION: Are you a lukewarm Christian? What are some ways you can turn up the heat on your relationship with God?


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