Your Battle Plans Are In Need Of An Upgrade

Have you ever had the sinking feeling like you were constantly fighting the same battle over and over, and losing it every time you fought? There is an old saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again, expecting a different result. In the days following my watching the movie War Room, I’ve been sharing some thoughts surrounding things that had been highlighted to me as being significant. I’ve endeavored to share those here, without giving an actual review of the film, and without spoiling it for those who may have yet to see it.

English: The War Room with the Big Board from ...

English: The War Room with the Big Board from Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 film, Dr. Strangelove. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this film directed by the Kendrick Brothers, the film brings attention to the real need for prayer in the lives of Christians. This is not just as a means of communication with God, but as a real strategic form of battle strategy in warfare against the true enemy of everything that God entrusts to our stewardship. That includes things like our jobs, our marriages, our families, our finances, and even our very safety.

The one thing that really hits home about this film is that film highlighted for me the real sense of the strategic planning of a disciple maker. Miss Clara, like Jesus, was very strategic in how she engaged her encounters with Elizabeth Jordan.  So often, it seems that the focus of many in the church is in making church members, rather than making disciples.

Miss Clara wasn’t focused on trying to draw someone to her church or simply save a soul from hell per se. She was solely focused on discipling someone God had illuminated to her as an opportunity to impact and change.

Her dedication to teaching through object lessons, parables, demonstrations, and becoming transparent at times resulted in the duplication of a new and strengthened warrior for the Kingdom. Furthermore, at the completion of Elizabeth’s time under the tutelage of Miss Clara, she is charged with the responsibility of raising up others, even as she had been raised. We come to understand that she was not the first, nor would she be the last to be discipled by Miss Clara. However, like Christ, her commissioning of Elizabeth signified the passing of the torch to a new and stronger generation to carrying on the legacy.

Our strategies as disciples that disciple, likewise needs an upgrade, to the point that we are impacting lives in such a way that we are raising up people. We have to be much like Miss Clara in seizing the opportunities that God presents us. We must be observant enough to discern the needs and what will be the most impactful ways to get through to those we wish to reach. We should also be persistent enough to not let up when things look hard. Most importantly is that moment when you can send them out in the same fashion Jesus sent out his disciples.

Whether your lane of discipleship of others is in the area of prayer, evangelism, missions or something else, you have to acknowledge that we are living in a time that we must become more. We must become more assertive, strategic, and relevant to those God sends your way. We need, now more than ever to upgrade our efforts so that we are making a marked difference in our communities. That begins with us upgrading ourselves to approach what we do as disciples who disciple others.


QUESTION: What ways can you upgrade your battle plans to have the greatest impact on others?


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