War Room Is the Must See Movie of the Summer

I’ve teased you all with little nuggets long enough. Today, I’ve decided to share my official review of the movie that has been everything from a “sleeper hit” to “the little engine that did”.  This film brought to the big screen on a meager budget of $3 million continues to defy all expectations by grossing to date $30 million and knocking down films like Straight Outta Compton.

War Room tells the tale of woman name Elizabeth Jordan, played by evangelist and author Priscilla Shirer, who also happens to be the daughter of televangelist Dr. Tony Evans. Elizabeth Jordan is a woman who appears to have a great life; including a great home, complete with a highly paid husband in the pharmaceutical business, and a beautiful daughter who loves nothing more than Double Dutch jump roping.

The film begins a bit slow in its opening sequence, as it lays all the groundwork of introducing us to all of the principle cast, which again includes her husband Tony Jordan, played by T. C. Stallings; Miss Clara, played by Karen Abercrombie; Danielle Jordan, played by Alena Pitts; and a host of supporting cast.

Although it would seem like Elizabeth Jordan has a perfect and happy home, there is nevertheless great tension between her and her husband Tony. Much of it stems from the stereotypical marital issues of finances, male ego, a wandering eye, and issues with the in-laws. More than anything, it really boils down to the reality that their problems stem from the choices they’ve made.

When Elizabeth, who is a full-time mom and part-time real estate agent is assigned to helping an aging veteran’s widow, Miss Clara sell her home so that she can move in with her son, she has no idea that this encounter would be the catalyst that changes everything. One brief assessment and a myriad of questions turn into an encounter she will never forget.

Priscilla stated in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight that it was difficult for her to play against type, yet her portrayal of Elizabeth is very compelling and emotional at all the right moments. When she is faced with the truth about what her husband has been doing when he is away on business trips, she shows the mix of frustration, anger, and a desire to unload all those feelings to Miss Clara who has been very patient to teach her a new way. However, in that moment when everything clicks and the shift happens to open her eyes that her own ways haven’t profited her anything, she begins to put into practice all those strategies she’d been given to turn things around.

That shift signaled not only a change for how Elizabeth dealt with her broken relationship with her husband, it also signaled how she dealt with the real enemy of all her troubled relationships. It becomes quite clear that the antagonist in most movies is someone physical whom you can face off with, but when the antagonist is a spiritual enemy, the fight takes on a different dynamic which requires those greater strategies which Miss Clara had been equipping her with.

In the end, it is through the strength of those strategies Elizabeth had been given, which not only saved her family from disintegration, but also ultimately showed the grace that can come when you sacrifice self for the greater wholeness of things that matter: character.

Although in life, there aren’t always perfect endings, such as is shown when Elizabeth’s daughter’s Double Dutch team comes in second in the big competition, we see God’s great grace when her husband Tony throws himself on the mercy of his boss, and through his own displays of compassion when one of his former bosses is stranded on the road.

If you’ve yet to see this film, I would not pass up the chance to see it. This movie is more than a movie meant to teach the power of prayer, it is a movie meant to show how families can find wholeness and strength when they endure troubles with as a family. Elizabeth became a model to her family of what had been modeled before her, and that display was duplicated in her family.

There are plenty of lessons to be gained from this film that can apply to every area of life. Whether you are a pastor, a business person, a child, a parent, a neighbor down the street, or a friend to someone in need, you will find something that will hit home for you. The supporting cast all play an integral part in, not only movie the story along, but also in showing the may ways in which we often deal with things that we are given. Don’t pass up the opportunity to see this must see picture. It has the potential to change you for the better.


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