Reasons Why You Never Stop Sharing Your Message

We’ve finally made it to the end of another month today. September means a lot of things to many people. There are all sorts of things that people will remember this month for. Some will remember it as the month in which we remember the falling of the World Trade Towers of New York due to terrorist attacks in 2001. Other people will remember it because it is their birthday or the birthday of a loved one. In fact, all three of my children were born in September.



September is a month that is dedicated to many initiatives and celebrates many things. Just yesterday, for example, people were celebrating National Coffee Day. For people like myself, the month of September is a month that is set aside o making people aware of Sickle Cell Anemia. However, many people like myself will not stop advocating or speaking out about Sickle Cell simply because the month is ending. Here are some reasons why I won’t and why anyone who has a message to get out shouldn’t stop sharing a given message.

Everyone Hasn’t Heard: The number one reason you never stop sharing your message, whether it’s about Sickle Cell Anemia or anything else is that not everyone has heard the message. When you share a message, you are often sharing it with a limited audience. Even if you are a world leader, that doesn’t mean that everyone has heard what you’ve said. You’re limited by access and by your ability to communicate it to every place that the message has to be carried.

People Forget or Ignore: Even I people have heard your message, people have short memories or there may be other barriers to you when you communicate your message. Just as in big business, marketers will tell you that no matter how big you become, you don’t stop advertising because people forget. That’s why corporations like McDonald’s and Starbucks continue major media blitzes. The more they advertise, the more they ensure their market share and that you will remember them and buy what they’re selling. So you keep sharing to keep the message visible.

The State is In Flux: Whether what your message is, the status may change periodically, so you have to keep people current of the latest things going on. When it comes to health initiatives, company and organizational public relations, information is always changing, technology is always being upgraded, and life happens. Being about to communicate that becomes essential when you have a specific message, so you don’t stop sharing because you want to ensure people remain current with what is going on.

I could go on, but I think you get my point that when you have something important to say, you don’t ever want to stop saying it. It may feel exhausting at times, you may have moments of discouragement for any number of reasons, but if you value the message that you carry, you have to be diligent to it to keep sharing it continually. People won’t care if you don’t care enough to keep it before the. Remember, you are your best advocate. No one knows your message better than you do. So Keep Sharing!!


QUESTION: What message are you carrying that you know you must keep sharing? How do you stay motivated to keep sharing it?



  1. Until my last breath, I will speak in words and through my life, the message of salvation through Jesus Christ!

  2. Yes! That’s the call for your life. Keep doing it until all have heard or Christ has come for his elect!

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