Don’t Stop Praying in the Midst of Resistance

So we are five days into the first week of this month. If, you been keeping up with me, you’ll know that I’ve asked you to set aside this month of October to pray. There has been so much that has happened in that time that I can hardly contain myself. I know there have been great victories seen. I also know that there has been great spiritual push back. This resistance that you may also have seen and even experienced can be expected. 2009-12-06 00.05.18

I’ve heard testimonies of healing and reports of open doors to opportunities being presented where it was unexpected. We’ve also seen where Hurricane Joaquin which was expected to bring great devastation to the eastern coastal region got pushed off further away from land as it moved north. All o this is exciting and amazing.

In as much as we’ve seen great triumphs, the resistance has also been seen. With the recent events in Syria, the events in Oregon, and now the reports this weekend coming out of Chicago regarding the number of lives lost due to heroin overdose can make you feel like we’re losing ground. However, these things are only a sign of resistance which lets me know that our spiritual adversary is in a state of panic because God‘s people are being stirred fighting a good warfare.

Resistance is to be expected, but do not allow that resistance that you are seeing or feeling cause you to give up or back down. Resistance is something that validates you to let you know that you what you are working towards is working. that pushback that you are seeing, feeling,  and experiencing is merely evidence of your effort to push beyond a place of comfort or settling. When you’re exercising, the flexing of your muscles react to the resistance of the weights and tensions. The flexing of each muscle between stretch and release enables it to strengthen and develop.

Members of the Oakland Raiders say pregame pra...

Members of the Oakland Raiders say pregame prayers prior to a home game against the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons won 24-0. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you pray, it is no difference. The resistance and push back in the spirit brings a tension because there was a comfort in the way things were. That pushback, however, is revealing that things are changing. You’ve sounded an alarm and your enemy has taken note that he no longer has free reigns to sit, and so he pushes, hoping that you will give up. However, scripture tells us to resist the enemy and it is he who will flee. When he pushes and fights, you push back harder, knowing that you are now on the offensive and taking new ground, new territory, and not giving up anything that you’ve gained.

Your prayers are being heard by God and He will incline His ear to answer you. Press forward knowing that on the other side is a prize of victory. Although Christ has already won the ultimate battle over death, hell and the grave; we are invited to wage a battle to redeem, restore, and regain the stewardship of everything that has been placed under our authority. There is so much to fight for. Do not lose heart. You’ve only just begun, and even with as many days ahead of you, there is so much more ground to gain and win.

Your prayers are powerful and mighty through God, to the pulling down of every stronghold. See the resistance as proof that you are on to something big and it’s good. You’re not alone at any given moment. In the same moment you are praying, someone else is right there with you. It’s your heavenly Father.



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