Do You Know What Is Good and What is God?

Today I began reading a great book called Good or God by John Bevere. In the first chapter, he brings up an observation about Eve in the Garden. In it, he points to the fact that it wasn’t the evil part of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil that she was attracted to. The bible clearly points to the reality that it was the good that captivated her. It said that it was “good for food, pleasing to the eyes, and desirable for making one wise (Genesis 3:6).” The question it raised for the author was, “do we really know what is good, and do we have the capacity to know it?

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The summary conclusion was that we do have the capacity to know what is good because God made us capable of knowing it. The difficulty for many is in the understanding that it truly takes a relationship with God through the Holy Spirit to be able to do that.

The bible clearly  points to the fact that man has, does, and will call things that are good evil, as well as evil good. In this twisted sense of vision or understanding, we can so easily deceive ourselves and others into believing that just because something looks good, that somehow must mean we are doing good for God, by God, and in God’s name.

God deems what is good and what is not. Even the “good” that we call ourselves doing is not necessarily good if it is not something God has said is something that He desires for us specifically to be involved in. We can miss the mark in the area of good. We can also miss it if we are doing something without the proper motivation. If our hearts are not properly motivated, and we know that God is judging us according to our heart, it behooves us to check ourselves often to be sure that when we are doing good, it is with a proper motivation.

For instance, no one can deny that working is a good thing. Even the bible tells us that if a man does not work, he should not eat. Yet, some might take that to heart and use that as justification to work excessively, to the neglect of the needs of their family and personal health. In the same instance, someone might think how great it is that you donate so many hours or money to charity, yet you have so many needs at home. If your family is dying or starving because your attention is elsewhere, it really doesn’t mean much that you’ve done such good outside the home. Charity and love should begin at home and then spread abroad, not the other way around.

Let’s challenge ourselves to know and do what God has said is good, not what the world has said is good. For His ways are always higher than our own, just as His thoughts are higher than ours. If we bring ourselves to this understanding, we can no doubt do the greater things that Jesus declared we would do.


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