Are You Willing to Commit to God All of You?

It’s has been a wonderful journey to commit to a full month of strategic praying. As I have dedicated myself to prayer this month, I have been amazed by how it has focused me with such a  greater intentional pursuit of God‘s will. Not just a pursuit for self, but a pursuit for the state of the culture, the Church, and the believers that must navigate and have influence in it.

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For example, today is day 13 of an intentional prayer focusing on a spiritual commitment to God. I believe that we are living in a day and time where it is becoming more necessary for the people of God to cement themselves in a firm and solid, commitment to serving the Lord. We are seeing day in and out that there are many in the body of faith who are wafting over what the gospel really means, what is truth, whether God or scripture is relevant to society and a world that is changing.

I mentioned in another post about the book Good or God, which is written by John Bevere, who speaks about how what we see as good isn’t necessary what God deemed as good. At one point, he eluded to the death of a very prominent woman in recent history who died as a result of a catastrophic accident.  For all of his praying, there came a crystal clarity to him that for all the “good” she had done, it did not equate to what God deemed as good because there was one factor left out of the equation: God!

In thinking about today’s focus, I recalled an old advertising campaign in which the US Marine Corp had a slogan that read, “We don’t accept applications, only commitments.” This hit home for me because as Christians, we too are called to make such a commitment to the service of God. It’s not something that we just pick up and do as it suits us. We’re in it until the commitment is fulfilled. We can’t quit when we want to.

Joshua 24:15 spoke to this when Joshua addressed the people of Israel and asked them to choose whom they would serve. They’d been delivered from captivity in Egypt, life in the wilderness, and overcome many obstacles before settling where they were. He set forth the charge for them to declare what kind of nation they would be, one that served God, or one that served false idols.

When certain ones came to Jesus in Luke 9:57-62, Jesus reminded them that the commitment was not an easy one. They had to be willing to let go of the comforts of the past. Were they willing to commit to the uncertainty of following him, or would they shrink back into the way things had always been. He told them, “Let the dead bury the dead and follow me… No one putting his hand to the plow and looking back is worthy of the Kingdom.”

In Matthew 6:24, Jesus again tells some seeking him that no one can serve two masters. You have to choose one and forsake the other, or cling to one and reject the other. I’ve often said that straddling the fence is a very painful thing. You simply cannot have it both ways.

We have to determine today whether we are going to be a people fully committed to all that God is asking of us. We can no longer halt between opinions, but be certain. The question of whether you are willing to commit to God all of you should cause you to think deeply of your commitment. Who will you be? What would you desire to have God say of the life you lived?


QUESTION: Are you truly committed, or are you willing to go all in?


  1. What a thought provoking post. Thanks for the much needed challenge. This reminds me of Frances Chan’s Crazy Love.

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