Why You Need to Pray For the Mountain of Religion

Yesterday, many of us spent our morning in worship in our local church. Some of us have grown up having a faith in God while others may have discovered what that really is through the process of time and whatever spiritual journey our lives have placed us on. Whatever the circumstances may be, it is quite apparent that our lives are not the same because someone introduces us to the discovery of a relationship with God.

Image Credit: FreeImages.com

Image Credit: FreeImages.com

Many of you also know that this month I have dedicated it to strategic prayer. I found it to be quite prophetic that as God enabled me to outlay each day’s focus, the one for Sunday turned out to be uniquely centered on the Mountain of Religion. If you’re wondering what that means, you need to read a book titled The Seven Mountain Prophecy: Unveiling the Coming Elijah Revolution by Johnny Enlow. You may also want to check out another of his books titled The Seven Mountain Mandate: Receiving the Joseph Anointing to Reform Nations. In them, Johnny speaks to the reality that there are seven mountains of influence that shape culture and are a part of the call of God’s people to restore, reform, and recover on behalf of God who initially placed in the stewardship of Adam in the Garden of Eden.

There are many other books he’s written and many other people have written about the subject of the seven mountains of cultural influence. However, I don’t believe that there is another book currently available that will so enliven you or awaken you to the heart of God to address the issue of redeeming the time by redeeming the seven mountains of cultural influence.

Just a day or two before coming upon Sunday’s prayer focus of praying for the mountain of religion I was on the social networking site BLAB. A woman by the name of Elder Audrey L. Dowling made me and others aware of a startling statistic that since 2013 until now, there have been a total of 28 suicides by pastors, with the majority of them being right here in the United States. This was not pastors who were killed by other, such as the pastor in North Carolina earlier this year, but pastors who took their own lives.

If pastor suicides aren’t enough of a wake-up call for you, how about the First Greater Church of Lucifer that opened it’s doors in Texas? Yes, you read that right. Faith s under fire by the very spirit and Father of Lies that led to the deception in the Garden of Eden to begin with.

The recent news of the Ashley Madison hacking scandal sent its own shockwaves through the world as some who were named among users of the site were people of faith. It is not a new thing that so many of those who have been called to lead and pastor churches have been knocked down by their own failings, yet even greater than their failings comes the issue with people who are unwilling to forgive or to help shoulder them up when they’ve stumbled.

Even greater than any of this is the persistent persecution being faced by millions worldwide who preach and teach Faith. Although it has been prophesied that persecution would come, we still must pray for those who are called to carry the gospel of peace.

Praying for the Mountain of Religion is a strategic call to attention that there are many spiritual powers, principalities, and other evils that have taken a foothold on the mountain with the intention of stealing the glory of truth and our relationship with God. We’ve been created for worship, and the assault on this mountain places a stronghold a barrier to our ability to connect with and love the creator who made us and the world in which we’ve been placed to inhabit.

Praying for those who are called to this mountain undergirds them in the same manner that Moses was undergirded by the elders who held up his hands so that the battle being fought by Joshua and his men could win the day. The men and women who are called to the Mountain of Religion stand on the frontlines daily as servants of the Lord and pray for our souls as we tackle the other places that we’ve been called to.

There must be a redemption to the pure and unadulterated word of God so that there is no leaven that infects the truth, much as the way satan used his deception to turn her gaze away from God to the forbidden fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. There must also be an awakening to what God’s unconditional and perfect love looks like from those who identify themselves as children of God. Love has become a murky concept for so many who believe that tolerance and acceptance  really means forsaking absolute truths and convictions.

If glory is to be restored to the Mountain of Religion, then it will take men and women who understand these things to stand in the gap for those called to the mountain, as well as acknowledge, support and comfort those who have yet to find their place upon the mountain at every level that must be regained and restored. If you did not pray with me on yesterday, it’s never too late to do so. Consider today and every day that follows as an opportunity to pray for The Mountain of Religion.


QUESTION: How else can you make an impact on the Mountain of Religion so that it can be restored to its divine purpose?

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