Why the Mountain of Media is So Important

Today concludes the prayer focus on the seven mountains of cultural influence. It’s an amazing thing to realize that these seven areas have so much power and strength to shape and direct hearts and thoughts for good or evil. It is also why it is so important to know where you personally have been called. When we know where we’ve been called we can have the greatest impact and influence to be able to bring glory to God.

Image Credit: FreeImages.com

Image Credit: FreeImages.com

In looking at this final mountain known as the Mountain of Media, we are aware that the media plays such an integral role in influencing thoughts and opinions of people. Media has a way of presenting information in such a way that we are either encouraged or discouraged from being who we’ve been called to be, doing what we’ve been called to, and believing or denying the truth.

People who are upon the mountain of media include journalists, television and other avenues of media have the arduous task of speaking and reporting things into the atmosphere. With the power of the tongue, they can either speak life or death to a given situation. How often have you turned on the television news or radio to hear reports and thought to yourself that the world must be coming to an end? That’s the power of media. Unfortunately, many are profiting off of your fear and feeding into it rather than feeding your faith and elevating you to grow and prosper.

A prime example of this would happen to be in the book of Numbers. In the thirteenth chapter, we find that Moses has commanded twelve men to spy out the land of the Promise so that they can bring back a report of whether or not it was indeed a good land for them to settle in. It had already been spoken by God as being filled with milk and honey and all the things they could desire for a prosperous life.

However, after returning from their survey of the land, only Joshua and Caleb reported back positively while the other ten held fast to a report of inability to possess the land. Their report doomed them to wandering the wilderness for 40 years and condemned a whole generation of people to miss out on the promise. Only the children along with Joshua and Caleb who believed were permitted to enter the Promised Land.

We must pray over the mountain of media because they have the ability to shape our thoughts on virtually everything. Knowing that life and death are indeed in the power of the tongue, we must also realize that how truth is conveyed can be just as important as the fact that it being conveyed. When people report statistics, they often say that the numbers don’t lie, yet we know the reality of that statement is based on whether or not the numbers have properly been interpreted, just as much as it is important that the right information has been gathered to properly convey the appropriate message.

If I gather people to do a report, but I’ve slanted the people I ask, or go out of my way to sway the response to my benefit, I’m not conveying truth, but a truth that is self-serving. The mountain of media and those who are called to traverse it must do so with integrity, authenticity, humility and justly. History has shown that a negative or false report can be devastating to a generation or an entire nation. Let us pray for those called to the mountain of media to do so with God’s favor, grace, and a heart for speaking life and truth in love.
QUESTION: Are there other reasons you can attribute to the Mountain of Media that would because for prayer? Are you called to the mountain or willing to pray for those who are?

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