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This Is A Year To Leap Into Action

As I was pondering all of the things that this new year will bring us, it dawned on me that it is a leap year. Leap years are a year in which an extra day has been added to the calendar to effectively synchronize it with the solar year. You see, it take actually take the […]

Are You Committed to Consecrate These Next Three Days?

I was just thinking on the life of Moses and the people of Israel and how there are often many connections to the road they traveled and the life we experience now as Christians. What I find is that there are often things that God has promised us that He desires us to receive, yet […]

L.E.G.A.C.Y. The Blab: Episode #1: LEGACY

For those of you who have not heard, I will be hosting my fist Blab this evening, December 10, 2015, at 9 PM EST. If you have never tried Blab, tonight would be a great time to check it out. As, I’ve mentioned before, it is a great opportunity to build or expand your platform […]

Will You Be Watching When I Blab My Heart Out?

I’ve been challenged and convinced that now is the time to venture into another realm of social interaction. Some of you may have read my previous post entitled Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Blab. If you haven’t read it, you can click the above link and check it out. For those of you who […]

Will You Plant Seeds That Will Produce a Spectacular 2016?

When farmers have completely harvested their crops for the given season, there is a process that they follow. Part of that process involves preparing the appropriate ground for the appropriate harvest. Often, the ground that is used for growing one season of crop is not necessarily the same ground that is used for growing another […]

Stop Giving Place to the Prophets of Doom

This week we saw something that seemingly is becoming more and more the norm than a rare blip on the screen of American society. We saw another tragic mass shooting happen in San Bernardino, California. However, even more startling than that horrific event, something happened that has the potential to become even more damaging than that […]

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