Stop Giving Place to the Prophets of Doom

This week we saw something that seemingly is becoming more and more the norm than a rare blip on the screen of American society. We saw another tragic mass shooting happen in San Bernardino, California. However, even more startling than that horrific event, something happened that has the potential to become even more damaging than that single mass shooting event. It was the front page cover headline of The New York Daily News.

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The full-page headline on the cover of the Thursday Morning edition stated, “God Isn’t Fixing This!” It was a response to the fact that after the mass shooting took place, many in the Republican party gave words of encouragement to the victims and their families by compassionately stating that their thoughts and prayers were with them. The ideology that “God isn’t fixing this” would suggest that this act of violence is beyond God’s ability to intervene or intercede.

The pervasiveness of bold statement seeks to undermine and belittle people’s faith in God, politicize and polarize a nation in the midst of a horrendous saga that continues to unfold across the American landscape. It also puts into the atmosphere a false premise and prophetic declaration that God is either helpless or uncaring.

The debate over gun control will not be resolved anytime soon, nor will it a factor in resolving the greater issue at hand of confronting the root cause of what is happening both here and around the world.

When Jesus spoke to his disciples, he made mention that sheep know the voice of their shepherd, and the voice of another would not be followed. This was a true statement of sheep, as in a culture where sheep are herded, you can find shepherds who herd their sheep with other shepherds who have sheep, yet they never get mixed up because the shepherds have a distinct call which their sheep gravitate to, ignoring the voices of all other shepherds.

When we who are followers of Christ understand that Christ is our good shepherd, we must remember first and foremost that our ears become uniquely tuned to his voice the more we set our hearts to follow after him. We are to tune out the voices of all those who speak contrary to the truth that is found in him.

Christ also mentioned that in the last days, false prophets would arise. We often assume that the false prophets are only found in the church or places of worship. Yet, the truth is that false prophets are anyone who speak or proclaim a word that is in opposition to the gospel and truth that Christ has shared.

We are living in a day and age when many of those false prophets have taken a prominent place upon the mountain of media and are putting into the atmosphere false doctrine and false declarations. We who are called to follow after God are called to not give place to them. We are called to declare the truth in love that God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent; that is to say all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere.

Yet, God has also sought to create a people who are called to work with Him in the process of restoring back to order all that has been lost when the first Adam relinquished his authority of all that God placed him there to steward over.
In America, Christians must begin to silence the false prophets who speak doom and gloom by first declaring the truth of God’s word that He is able. Christians must also, with God’s help and unction, bring into order all that is out of order.

Part of that comes by way of replacing the false prophets with true prophets. Christians must find themselves upon every area of the mountain of media to proclaim the good news that God is able, that He is alive, and that we are more than conquerors through Him. We must also not feed into the false prophets declarations by receiving it as gospel, but refute it at every turn until the false prophets are silenced and removed from their place.

There is a thought that one preacher once spoke that said,”You can stop the birds from flying over your head, yet you have the ability to stop them from landing in your hair.” In a sense, we may not directly be able to stop a false prophet from speaking their lies, yet we control the ability of whether we internalize their words or not. We do this by ceasing to listen to them. We also do this when we declare what God has said until it is cemented in our hearts and minds. We also declare it until others have heard, seen and are equally convinced of the truth.

When we stop giving place to the prophets of doom, they lose their power of influence and the prophets of truth and life are empowered to greater prominence and authority to encourage and proclaim the truth of God’s ability to do all things. We know He is our sovereign King who has entrusted us with much. We must confirm His trust by bringing to pass every word He has spoken from the beginning of time until we see the fulfillment of every word that must come to pass.

QUESTION: What will you do to stop giving place to the prophets of doom?


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  1. Yes, as Christians we must stand up and proclaim, “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or imagine.”
    Eph. 3:20

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