Will You Plant Seeds That Will Produce a Spectacular 2016?

When farmers have completely harvested their crops for the given season, there is a process that they follow. Part of that process involves preparing the appropriate ground for the appropriate harvest. Often, the ground that is used for growing one season of crop is not necessarily the same ground that is used for growing another season’s crop. This allows one area of land to rest while another is in the process of producing the harvest of the given season. In as much as the land itself is prepared, the farmer must also select the appropriate seeds to plant to ensure that the harvest they desire to harvest at the appropriate time comes to fruition in the fullness of time.

Image Credit: FreeImages.com

Image Credit: FreeImages.com

As many of us are planning out our new year, if we haven’t already, have you considered the thoughts of the seeds that you’ve planted? Much like the farmer, we must prepare ourselves for the harvest that we expect. Practically speaking, this means that we must set our minds, our heart, and our words to planting the seeds of the expected harvest or outcome we expect for the coming year.

It is a true saying that words have power. In as much as the apple seed has the power to produce the apple tree which produces countless many more apples, so also do the things we think and words we speak produce the harvest of what we have thought and spoken. If you have a habit of thinking and speaking negatively about yourself and your future, the harvest you reap will continue to be one of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This means, that if you have a desire for a spectacular year this coming 2016, there must be a change in the seeds you are planting. First, the change must be the change to what you are thinking. What you’re thinking influences the state of your heart, which influences your will to do or not do a given thing. If your thoughts are negative, your heart will be filled with a sense of defeat and lack any desire to accomplish what you say you truly want.

It behooves us to be sure that if we are seeking a 2016 that is more prosperous, that we should fill our thoughts and our heart with the seeds prosperity. This means our thoughts must be focused on things of prosperity and ideas that bring us to thinking how prosperous people think so that we produce the harvest of prosperity in our life. If we’re thinking poverty thought, we cannot expect prosperity to be the outcome of our 2016.

In the same manner, if we desire to have a healthier 2016 than the 2015 we’ve had, it must be accompanied by the thoughts and actions that produce a healthier year. This means thinking healthier thoughts that say I need to exercise more, visit the professionals that are equipped to inform me how to prevent and maintain and improve the state of my health.

If we desire to have happier lives and relationships, our thoughts and actions need to conform to those that are happier and more directed towards growing and nurturing good ones to make them better, and repairing broken ones to make them whole again.

Whatever the harvest you hope to produce, be it the same or better, the seeds you plant must be fitting to accomplish the goal. Be sure that the ground of your heart and mind is being sufficiently prepared to receive the seeds by rooting out those things that are contrary to the harvest you wish to reap. Watch over, water, nurture and fertilize frequently as is necessary to ensure that when you come to the end of 2016, you can step back and see the fruit of your labor.

QUESTION: Are you expecting a spectacular 2016 harvest? What seeds are you planting to ensure that outcome?


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