Are You Committed to Consecrate These Next Three Days?

I was just thinking on the life of Moses and the people of Israel and how there are often many connections to the road they traveled and the life we experience now as Christians. What I find is that there are often things that God has promised us that He desires us to receive, yet there is preparation that we must make in order to receive it.

In the later chapters of Exodus you will see God instruct Moses to tell the people to consecrate themselves. In the beginning of the book of Joshua, you again see God instruct the people through Joshua that they should consecrate themselves.

As we move closer to 2016, notice that there are 3 days left to 2015. Many of you have expectations that God will do great and wonderful things in your life and those of the people you love. There are expectations that your health will improve, your careers will thrive, your families will grow, your life, neighborhood, state, and country will flourish. You have great vision for it all. Yet, God is saying, prepare yourself. Consecrate. Set yourself apart unto Me so that you will see the great blessings that I desire to unfold for you.

For the people of Israel, consecration meant that they had to divest of things that that took away from their ability to connect to Him. This came in the form of foods they ate, things they treasured, and even relationships they valued that weren’t ordained. Consecration often involves sacrifices. For them, that meant laying things upon a fiery altar to be burned.

The interesting thing about fire is that it serves two purposes: First it destroys those things that have no value. It’s sometimes called dross. The other thing that fire does is it refines and purifies to make perfect. When precious metals are subjected to fire, the things that are considered impurities fall away while the thing of greatest value become brighter, clearer, and easier to manage.

Do not fret over these next three days if you plan or have hope that God will do something awesome for or through you in 2016. These next three days are a time of refinement to prepare you to handle all that will for you in that time. Whatever you lose, it is necessary for your acceleration and for your light to shine. Rid yourself of fear, doubt, negative people, thinking and speech. Draw to yourself only those things that God can use in, through and with you, for you.

2016 is going to be the year of the Jubilee Promise. It will only be fulfilled by those who have prepared for it through the consecration He has required. (See Exodus 32:29)

QUESTION: How will you spend these next three days as you prepare for 2016?



  1. Insightful and timely word, Brian! Thanks. I’ll highlight your post on the Christian Poets & Writers blog God bless you and your new year in Christ.

  2. […] Are You Committed to Consecrate These Next Three Days? ( […]

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