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A Father’s Perspective On The New Barbie

It’s hard to believe that the Mattel image of beauty has lasted for so many years in the ever changing culture in which we live. Yet that image has had staying power in the midst of the introduction of space exploration, the introduction of fast food chains, technological advances, and even a changing political and […]

When You Are Consciously Prepared To Offer Grace

There are times we can get so busy in our daily routines that we don’t consider the thoughts that come out of our mouths when we see something that we know is off or unseemly. It is without question going to happen at one time or another, as a Christian, that you will encounter another […]

The Struggle of Builders Boomers Busters and Bridgers Continues

Later this evening, Dr. Vibe, from The Dr. Vibe Show and I will be coming together once again to continue our discussion on racism on the social media platform Blab. After our last discussion was done, we knew that we had barely scratched the surface of this topic and that a part two would be […]

What Daddy Never Told Me Started Something Big

  When I asked my guest David Veney to come onto my Blab show L.E.G.A.C.Y. The Blab last night to share his story and his book titled “What Daddy Never Told Me: 7 Conversation Every Parent Should Have With Their Child“, I knew we were going to have a thought provoking discussion on our hands. […]

What Daddy Never Told Me

I’ve really had a great time over the last several weeks as I’ve gotten more comfortable on the social media platform Blab. It has allowed me to talk to many people on a number of different topics from legacy to racism. On tomorrow night’s Blab segment, I have the distinct honor and privilege of interviewing David […]

Accepting the 10 Day Challenge To Read 1st John

A week ago Sunday, I was presented with a fascinating opportunity to read through the book of 1st John1st John for 10 days straight. I found this to be quite an interesting proposition, as I had not taken a challenge quite like this before. I’ve done the read through the bible in a year challenge. […]

Accepting Challenges Teaches You Something New

I’ve really been striving to push myself to do new things. Although many of the things I’m doing are not new in themselves, they are new to me because they are things that I haven’t done. I closed out 2015 having accepted the challenge of hosting my own Blab show. If you want to check […]

What Do Builders, Boomers, Busters, and Bridgers Think?

Have you ever heard the terms builders, boomers, busters and bridgers? If not, you probably aren’t alone. Suffice it to say, these are the terms used to describe four distinct generations of people that currently make up the adult population in America. Builders are the generation that was born approximately between 1922 and 1942. The […]

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