Accepting Challenges Teaches You Something New

I’ve really been striving to push myself to do new things. Although many of the things I’m doing are not new in themselves, they are new to me because they are things that I haven’t done. I closed out 2015 having accepted the challenge of hosting my own Blab show. If you want to check out the replays of my first show, click here.  Brian Logo


The challenge in taking on new social media platforms like Blab and Periscope is always in determining how you can best present your most authentic self in such a way that is not only engaging and inviting but significant enough that people find value in what you present and want to return.

When I first got my feet wet on Periscope, I was often nervous and struggling with a phone that was having glitches because of the network I was broadcasting from. This was frustrating for me. Even more, was the frustration in only periodically having one or two people watch.

What I’ve learned in the time since venturing into both Periscope and Blab is quite interesting. One thing that I’ve discovered is that with everything, growth takes time. You’re not going to start something new where you’re going to automatically have a large following. Even if you have a level of notoriety, I’ve found that even people with great platforms and presence still have to build up an audience when they venture into new platforms of communication. So, this is a great comfort to me as I am now seeing growth in both places I’ve started broadcasting from.

Another thing that it has taught me is that relationship still matter. When you do anything and have a vision for it, you often attract like-minded people. The ability to attract like-minded people is what you really want to do, because as you draw people who are interested in the things that interest you, they see your passions about it and are more likely to let others know that you may not know that there is someone speaking about those common interest topics.

A third thing that it has taught me is that as I accept these challenges, I’m becoming more comfortable with greater ease and in less time than I did the previous challenge I’ve accepted. I find that with the more comfortability I gain, the more confidence I build up to do the things that are new.

Tonight,  at 9 PM EST, I am hosting my first Blab of 2016 with a special co-host, Dr. Vibe of the award winning The Dr. VIbe Show. Taking up the challenge to host my own show was made a great dealeasier with the mentorship of this great communicator who has been in broadcasting for over 10 years. I’m looking forward to tonight’s show titled Builders, Boomers, Busters and Bridgers, as we discuss diverse generational perspecives on Racism and Feminism. It’sgoing to be he first in a series of discussions, which I believe will be enlightening.

I challenge you to join us tonight. I promise that it will be not only informative, but you will learn something about how people from other generations view racism and feminism. I’m also quitesure you will learn something about yourself that you did not know, just by being a part of the conversation.


QUESTION: Are youwilling to accept the challenge of discovering something new about you? Ifso, you can click the link below to subsribe to the broadcast.

The L.E.G.A.C.Y. Blab Episode #003: Builders, Boomers, Busters and Bridgers

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  1. SuppaModel · · Reply

    Great show! You guys talked from viewpoints I never thought of. I am new to both blab and periscope. Thank you for helping my know what to expect.

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