What Daddy Never Told Me

I’ve really had a great time over the last several weeks as I’ve gotten more comfortable on the social media platform Blab. It has allowed me to talk to many people on a number of different topics from legacy to racism. On tomorrow night’s Blab segment, I have the distinct honor and privilege of interviewing David A. Veney, a friend and fellow preacher’s kid. He’s is a true pastor’s kid, having grown up most of his life during the formative years of his father’s church building process. This life experience has had a major impact on his life and has given him a unique view of it, especially in relationship to fatherhood10557625_10202274916020455_5825486862136482469_o

David is the author a book which is titled “What Daddy Never Told Me“. I’m quite sure that there have been quite a few things in your own life where you’ve felt as though there were things you wished your parents had told you, conversations that you wished you’d had the opportunity to explore. Those are the conversations that in hindsight make you say, “if I had only known then, what I know now, things could/would be so different for me.”

I encourage you to join me on January 14, 2016, at 9 PM EST, as David and I talk about his book and life both as a pastor’s son, and how that has even influenced how he, as a father now relates to his own children.


QUESTION: What conversations do you wish your parents would have had with you that would have made your life different? How has that influenced you and your own parenting?


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  1. I never spoke to my parents about the troubles i was having being bullied and picked on at school. Back then, I just ended up feeling like a loser. I was at an all girls’ school and back then bullying was portrayed more as violence than words and social exclusion. I have shared my experiences of being bullied and feeling like a loser with my kids but intend to take this further. We have just completely renovated our son’s bedroom while he was away at scout jamboree. It desperately needed it but aside from that, I thought it would be a very demonstrative way of showing him we love him. That our love has been turned inside out and etched into those walls.
    Both our kids do scouts and we’re involved with Church. Community is very important.
    I recommend you check out my recent posts about his experiences . I was quite inspired. xx Rowena

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