What Happens When A Trump Begins To Sound?

There are times in your life when you just know that you are in the company of great men. Today was one of those days. As a student of a very respected Christian university, I am truly blessed and privileged to get to hear great men and women come and speak to the student body. With the pending presidential primaries coming up on March 1st, Dr. M. G. Pat Robertson has planned to host many of the candidates for interviews, to allow CBN and Regent University student body the opportunity to learn more about what each hopes to offer the nation as a potential Leader of the nation.

Image Credit: CBN

Image Credit: CBN

With the idea that Regent University is a place dedicated to producing Christian leadership that will change the world, learning exactly what kind of qualities each person running has to truly offer, apart from what we think we know from what we see in the mainstream news venues is at the heart of why I desire to be present.

Scripture tells us that in the last days there will be trumpets that will signal Christ’s return. While we know not whether this will be a literal sounding trumpet, I do believe that there is a prophetic bent to the fact that Donald Trump is speaking out at such a unique time in this nation’s changing landscape.

What I observe as Mr. Trump stands before a diverse Christian audience is that he understands that many want to know his true heart and motives for running, and what he hopes to accomplish, should he become the nominee for the Republican Party and potentially the president of the United States of America.

What I appreciate about Mr. Trump is that he is first and foremost a man who loves his family and everything he has accomplished in his many years of life. I also appreciate that he has an awareness that this country is becoming increasingly more divisive, both politically and nationally, across many of America’s diverse cultures and ethnicities.

He spoke of his passion for restoring the American economy, the jobs that have been lost to other countries, and pro-life issues. He also spoke of the issues being faced with immigration border control, health care reform, the justice system and even education. These are but a few of the things he commented on, and even answering some of the audiences most.

In a time when new leadership appears to be the cry of the American public, it is also poignant to note that there are so many who still do not consider this “outsider” to the known political system a viable, and in some cases, genuine choice for the task. I cannot say that I personally know what is in the heart of this man, but what I do realize is that for as much as he has stated that he wants “America to win” and to unite the people of this country, he has yet to do that through the rhetoric he has voiced.

While he is resonating with many who are fed up with the same old talk with little action backing them, Mr. Trump’s uncanny wit and candor appeals to some, and is abrasive to others. Another thing that seems to stand out for some whom I had the pleasure of speaking to following today’s event have voiced is that his message and tone seems to change depending on the audience. While this isn’t new in politics, it is off-putting to many who have hope for a candidate who will dare to be consistent in connecting with all of America.

It really doesn’t matter what your opinions are about Mr. Trump as a man or candidate, so long as you really recognize that this Trump is sounding an alarm that there are serious issues being faced by our nation that must be addressed, not just in the short term, but to ensure that we are on the right side of history. He has pointed out that this is the first time in which our nation has not been a true friend to Israel, which he hopes to change. He also pointed out the struggle that America faces if the right decision isn’t made in choosing a new Supreme Court Justice.

Yes, it’s true that a trumpet is sounding off. However, another question that must be determined is what will be Mr. Trump’s trump card to either secure his position in the coming weeks and months ahead? Dr. Robertson asked him about who he saw as a potential running mate, and like a true card shark, he’s not revealing his hand nor giving any tell signs.

What I challenge people to do, whether you are considering him as a potential choice or whether you are looking to someone else, consider the nation, its heart, its legacy, and “we the people” who will be impacted by whoever winds up in the position as the nominee for either party and eventual president of this great nation. As the trumpet is sounding, we must be hearing not only that which is being spoken, but we must also hear the heart of God as to what truly matters.

There have been so many prophetic voices that have spoken in the last few years who have said that what happens in these next few years will be what determines whether America will be known as a sheep nation or a goat nation, whether it will rise from the ashes, or fall like the Roman Empire of centuries ago.

God is ultimately in control, but I honestly believe that He is looking for a people who have His heart of love to be in the earth the expressed embodiment of heaven on earth and bring the fullness of the Kingdom and restoration of the glory of God and revival. Hear the trumpet and heed it wholeheartedly.


QUESTION: As the trump is sounding, what things have you heard, and what is it prompting in you?


  1. I will be honest with you. That seeing and hearing Trump has me wanting to turn off my TV set but I’m an Australian. I can’t vote in your election. For some reason, election talk here has started up as well so we are getting election overload, which is a really bad thing as I think it disengages people from something that is truly important. As an Australian I am concerned about who gets in and I guess I’m partial to Hilary Clinton but I really don’t know much about her. She has a great smile and seems to care. I would like to see the American system less dependent on wealth to run. The amount of money required to run is sickening and really undemocratic. I also like Dr Ben Carson as a Christian but also as I’ve read his book and like his story. He didn’t come from privilege and made something of himself and I think that speaks volumes. At the same time, I got wind of some bad press but can’t remember the details. For someone who siad they weren’t interested, I guess I had a bit to say. Blessings xx Rowena

    1. I think Trump has done something quite unique when it comes to playing to whichever audience he comes before. However, many that I have spoken to have also said that this negatively impacts him when so many are looking for consistency from a candidate. I know the American election process is watched globally, as it has great implications for international relations. I’m hopeful that in seeing what happens here is also creating a sense of enthusiasm for what is happening in Australia.

  2. Honesty, integrity, character, uprightness – the person who sits in any office should surely be a person who believes and operates in these qualities.

    1. I definitely agree that those are all the qualities that need to be considered for someone in any position of leadership. I think it will be quite revealing as to who most Americans will choose as the person who best represents those attributes.

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