A Night With Cruz

Last night, I had the pleasure of being in the room with hundreds of people wanting to hear what Senator Ted Cruz had to say in reference to what he plans to do as a presidential hopeful. This was the second event of three Regent University hosted Presidential Forums. Right on the heels of the previous night’s Republican debate, Ted has the opportunity to speak to the people of this area. Many here every are eyeing every candidate as the upcoming Super Tuesday primaries approaches. Many of the people here want to know just why it is that they should trust Ted.

Image Credit: CBN

Image Credit: CBN

As Cruz took the stage, his message became clear that he was emphasizing a constitutional conservative candidacy as being critical to restoring conservative values and principles throughout the nation. I should mention however, that much like his name suggests, he seemed to be on cruise control. He was very laid back and relaxed. Whether this is attributed to the previous night’s debate or the fact that it was an evening event, it was a far cry from the Wednesday afternoon event with Trump which was electric and something of a media filled frenzy.

One of the things that I noticed was the difference between the demeanor of Cruz in person versus what had been seen of him in the debate that had taken place only one night earlier. There was also a distinct difference between his and Donald Trump’s event. It’s quite obvious that these two are nothing like each other in character, temperament or leadership qualities. I do think that seeing this difference also was what allowed many who were present seem to favor Cruz over Trump.

What I found to be truly heartwarming about Cruz as he spoke, was his impassioned plea that people choose a candidate who will not just have a plan, but be dedicated to defending the Constitution and ensure that whomever gets into office will assure Americans that not only the federal judicial system is protected, but also American values.

Although faith was something that was touched on during the forum, and he has stated in very certain terms that he wants to protect religious freedoms. I don’t think enough emphasis on this was made.He proposed securing religious liberties and ending the persecution of Christians.

He also mentioned undoing the deal with Iran in the nuclear program that President Obama has backed. Finding that much of this deal has jeopardized American relations with Israel and shaken many people’s faith in a president who honestly believe that freedom of religion has shifted from one view to a completely different one, this should have been handled with greater focus.

I can’t say for sure that what Senator Ted Cruz has said enough to overcome people’s opinions about his ability to not only win the nomination of his party, but also successfully win over the democratic party in the general election. What I do believe is that he is cruising along and riding the wave that he has been on this entire campaign. He may be confident enough that his actions are enough to convince many that he deserves a shot at the task of being commander in chief, but I’m not sure many Americans will have that same confidence.


QUESTION: What specifically are you looking for in a presidential candidate, and has anyone yet met with your approval as being that person?


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