What Would it Take For Dr. Ben Carson To Be Seen As Presidential?

Today was the final Presidential Forum event hosted by Regent University. After hearing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, I was really interested to see what Dr. Ben Carson would have to share. It’s been some years since I’ve had the privilege to see him walk down the halls of the Johns Hopkins Medical Center where he was the leading pediatric neurosurgeon. His book Gifted Hands always inspired me and reminded me that it didn’t matter where you came from as long as you were dedicated and faithful to do what needs to be done.

Image Credit: CBN

Image Credit: CBN

As I prepared to listen to this very educated and celebrated doctor speak about why he is seeking to become the next president of the United States of America, I couldn’t help but recall some of the critiques of people who say why they feel he is not qualified to be president; chiefly being his previous line of work.

It hardly seems to be the kind of thing that would exclude anyone from the job. To be a neurosurgeon takes a great degree of patience, skill, precision, decision making under great stress and pressure. In his position, he’s had to perform operations for people all over the world and be quite a diplomat in the process.

The reality of it all is that there are really only three basic requirements that a person have to be president and none of them are what their previous occupation was prior to being elected. Although many who have occupied the Oval Office have had a background in either law or military service, they were not requirements. Lyndon B Johnson was a teacher, Herbert Hoover was an engineer, Warren Harding was a newspaper publisher and editor, and James Madison was a farmer and plantation owner.

I think what irritates many people who object to him as a candidate is that he is calm and collected. This obviously comes as a result of nearly 30 years of performing surgeries. Watching him answer questions is always intriguing because he approaches each one with surgical precision and tact. Unlike a polished and experienced politician, his responses are not evasive. They are always direct. He take his time when responding to questions because they not only deserve a thorough response, he also realizes that “haste makes waste”. As a surgeon and as a man of faith, I believe this has been a character trait that has guided him in being excellent in all he does.

Despite his excellent career in the medical field, people try to discredit him as a viable candidate because he’s not a Washington insider. Yet, in a year in which people seem to be asking for a candidate that is not a political savant, what is it that still prevents them from choosing Dr. Carson?

As he spoke to the packed theater, he spoke of how his reasons for running are not selfishly motivated, but a desire to see America return to many of the Christian principles that made her great. Much of his talk was full of faith related quotes and references that let you know that much of what he proposes and what guides him is based in faith. Whether it was dealing with terror threats like ISIS or domestic issues like immigration or tax rates, he has ideas that he believes are valid and valuable enough to not quit, despite lacking the numbers that many feel warranting a continued run.

Dr. Ben Carson represents the ultimate underdog if ever there was one in this most monumental race for the White House. Super Tuesday may very well reveal who has the stamina to continue beyond it. What He has shown so far in this forum is that he is not a stranger to his unique position and is willing to endure, if only to communicate his well thought out policy issues, that so often don’t get heard during the debates.

QUESTION: Do you think Dr. Carson Has the skills to operate as the commander in chief?


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