What You Should Know About God’s Not Dead 2

In February, I had the pleasure of pre-screening the movie God’s Not Dead 2. Pure Flix is releasing this second film in the saga, again asking people to determine what they believe. If you did not see the first film, don’t be alarmed. There is ample time to rent or buy the DVD before going out to see this one. If you don’t watch it, however, you won’t have to feel as though you are lost. The film does well as a stand alone story, and there is somewhat of a tie-in to the first film with a brief reminder of principle characters to let us know what went on in the first film.

If you’re worried that I’ll be presenting spoilers that will ruin the film for you, don’t worry. I’m not going to give away anything. What I will do, however, is to give you some key things to keep in mind and hopefully it will encourage you to go see this film.

Image Credit: Pure Flix

Image Credit: Pure Flix

In the previous rendition of the series, the question raised was obvious. Is God dead or is He alive? It followed a student in college facing an Atheist professor who challenged his belief that there is a real God. In this second film, the question is not so much whether God is dead, but rather whether there is enough historical evidence that Jesus lived. This question is raised when Grace Wesley (played by Melissa Joan Hart), a Junior high school teacher is asked a question that compares the protest methods of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Jesus.

Much like we have seen throughout much of what is taking place in American current affairs, this story is touching on the pulse of how Christians will deal with matters of faith in the marketplace. We’ve seen it in the case of a baker who refused to bake a cake for a homosexual couple. We’ve seen it in the court clerk who refused to issue a marriage license to another homosexual couple. We also see it repeatedly when children are given assignments in class and are told that they cannot mention Jesus in their reports or read their own bibles on personal time at school, or host a bible club on school grounds.

Where the first film challenged viewers to boldly declare that God is alive, this second film challenges viewers to proclaim that Jesus is just as much alive in history and an influence in the lives of people who believe in him as God in the flesh.

In as much as people all over the world have celebrated Resurrection Day which reminds us of Christ’s victory over death, hell and the grave; we too are encouraged to stand firm that we can be victorious when we face persecution for our faith.

This film debuts on April 1st. While it may be a bit humorous that it come out on a day dedicated to fools, we must also keep in mind that only fools say that there is no God (Psalm 14:1). You would not be foolish in seeing this film. It will strengthen your faith and resolve to live a life for Christ. It will challenge you to look for courage beyond what you may currently possess. There is no doubt that we are living in a day when Christian faith is under fire. God’s Not Dead 2 will push you to stir the flames of your gift and faith.

We are charged to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves (Matthew 10:16). Matthew 10:33 also says that if we choose to deny God before men, it is we who will be denied by him before God. Let us have the boldness to confess our faith and testify of who He is at all times.

QUESTION: Are you looking forward to seeing God’s Not Dead 2? If not, why not?

For those who are looking for more in depth insights into this movie, know that once the film has officially been released, I will do a full review with my thoughts about each of the characters.


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