What Could You Do If You Saw Prayer As A Weapon?

This past Monday, CBN and Regent University began a week-long event called A Week of Prayer. It is intended to ignite the fire within the students, faculty and staff of Regent University, as well as those who work for and support the mission of CBN. Each day of this week, a different person has been invited to speak to everyone during the noon chapel and convey the message of the importance of prayer and how it has impacted the speaker’s own life to inspire others to employ the power of prayer  in the lives of the listeners.

Monday introduced many to the New Jersey pastor of Christ Church, Dr. David Ireland. He’s the pastor of an 8000 plus member congregation, an NBA consultant and the author of The Weapon of Prayer: Maximize Your Greatest Strategy Against the Enemy.  

I’ll admit that I had never before heard Dr. Ireland speak before, but I was quite enthused to hear what he would share with everyone. I love to pray and do know that prayer is a weapon. It brought back so many memories of the recent movie War Room (If you haven’t seen it and want to know more about it, click the hyperlink).

Ashe began to speak, he spoke of the life of Daniel. Many people recognize Daniel as a prophet who served in Babylon during the years of Israel’s exile. He and other young men had been taken to learn to read, write and know the ways of Babylonian life as servants to the king. Yet, Daniel maintained his integrity to both his faith in God and as a servant in captivity. Part of this came as a result of his heart for prayer.

What struck me about Dr. Ireland’s energetic message was that he hit on something that, while I knew it inwardly, I had never heard it stated in such a way. He mentioned that so few view God as a warrior. Most can see Him as father and have gotten used to that image. Others can see him as a shepherd who leads His flock. It is seldom that people ever see Him as a Warrior, and therefore do not view prayer as that strategic weapon that equips us to battle our enemy.

So other key things that Dr. Ireland shared was, “When you go into battle begin it on your knees.” Prayer prepares us for the battle because it gets our minds straight to face what it is that we must face. It sets our faces like flint to be able to confront those things that seem greater than we might be able to handle. He also stated, “You can’t have a powerful prayer life by delegating it to someone else.” So often we can be asked to pray for something when in actuality it is that person who must pray for it because it is their need. That’s not to say we cannot touch and agree for what it is that they are asking us to pray about. It just means that they must take the responsibility for the thing that God has put the burden in their heart to pray about it.

Some of the concluding thoughts that Dr. Ireland shared were, “Daniel developed power in prayer” and “We must have a set place and a set time for prayer.” He reminded us that we can be powerful when we are on bended knees. What I took from this was that prayer has a way of increasing our ability to fight the battles that are in front of us.

We not only have greater natural strength but spiritual strength because we are coming into agreement with God to remove obstacles and blocks to our progress and the things that we are confronted with. When we set a time and place for prayer, we ensure that we are giving our attention to the things that keep us in contact with God who desires to speak with us and have a personal relationship with us. When we are on our knees we admit in humility that we cannot handle everything on our own and that we are in need of a warring King to fight those things that we cannot.


QUESTION: So what exactly could you do if you saw prayer as a weapon as oppose to some ritualistic obligation?


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