Your Prayers Lighten Burdens Too Great To Handle

You may have noticed my absence over the last few weeks. That’s because the last few weeks have been filled with all of the preparations of completing final exams and assignments as I moved closer and closer to graduating from Regent University. Those last few weeks were a real struggle for both my family and me. Partly, it’s because it seems as though the closer you get to the finish line of anything, more things get thrown at you.

English: Elementary kids gather around the Ame...

English: Elementary kids gather around the American flag for national prayer day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of those things happened to be the passing of two of my wife’s family members. It was not an easy time as it meant that we had to travel hundreds of miles north following my final campus class. The days prior to that had been filled with one particular class that I had been having a great amount of trouble navigating some of the assignments for. That was made easier with the help of my professor to whom I am eternally grateful for, as he took the time to both pray and walk me through some key things that I’d need to do to accomplish the task of getting through those last few assignments.

Another of those obstacles happened to be my wife who also was having her own challenges in class. Some of the relief for her came in the report of me obtaining employment after a great drought of unemployment. Some other relief came from simply resolving to cut some losses in one area and refocusing her energies where they could be better applied.

In all of the things we faced leading up to my commissioning and graduation, nothing was far more appreciated than the support of people and the prayers they prayed for us. The National Day of Prayer interestingly came only two days before my graduation, which was followed by my graduating class’s commissioning; it’s an event that is specifically designed to anoint and send us off into the world.

These moments of prayer and those many people who prayed were to us a comfort and a sense of reprieve from the hectic moment that had inundated our lives. It was even a source of strength when we discovered that along with graduating it meant a change in some of the family dynamics as I would now be entering the world of the newly employed. It also meant a shift in focus as from an educational experience to an applied knowledge experience.

As we move forward through the remainder of this year our life won’t get easier, it will become more challenging. Challenges will come because our children will be another year older and have their own greater educational needs and challenges. There will be challenges because I will not only be working but also starting a master’s degree program. Challenges will exist because my wife will face even more demands that weren’t on her previously.

What will make the challenges bearable will not be only in the greater experiences we have gained, nor the money that will be added to our financial position. What will make those challenges bearable and manageable will be in knowing that as we pray and as we hold on to the fact that we know others are praying for us, they are also believing with us for the goals and dreams that we are holding on to.


QUESTION: Have there been times in your life when prayer was the only thing that got you through a situation?


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  1. After the death of my mom, prayer is what sustained me. Praying for you and your family.

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