When Too Many Are In Harms Way

I can’t for the life of me recall times as significant as now. I was born in the seventies at a time not far removed from the Civil Rights Movement. I saw the end of the Iran Hostage crisis, the end of the Cold War, and the Berlin Wall come down. I have also seen the war on drugs, Desert Storm, 9/11/01 and everything that has happened up to this day. What has occurred in the last few years has dramatically changed the way people in this nation see one another.image

We now are in a day and age when both good men and women on both sides of the law are fearful. Both citizens and those who are charged with protecting them are facing tragic losses. This should never be. Yet, what is more foolish is to think that by not coming together things will simply resolve themselves. If this nation is allowed to slip into anarchy, there may never be resolution to what is ailing. There are some things that can be done to heal a nation.

  • A Call To Remain Calm: Whenever there is conflict, it is impossible to have resolution if everyone is panicked, argumentative, or reacting frantic. There must be calm hearts and minds that can think and act with clarity and resolve. When people are on edge, people act defensively with fight or flight mentalities. This becomes a recipe for disaster. We’ve seen enough of this to not want further damage to occur.
  • A Call To Prayer: While everyone may not have the same faith in God, or even believe in God, prayer and quiet meditation has a way of centering us in a way that allows us to hear more clearly. We need answers that are come from a place above our situation. We’re too into the midst trauma to realize no one wins if no one is listening.
  • A Call To Unity: Good people on all sides need to band together. The way to to reconciliation, bringing balance to things, is through realizing that we need each other and that we are not at war with one another. Unity reminds us that we are not in this life on our own.
  • A Call To Stand Resolute: A resolute stand shows determination that we won’t settle until we have achieved the desired outcome.

There can be no doubt that people are hurting. I personally have family and friends who have defended this nation on the field of battle overseas, as well as some who wear the badge of officers on the streets within this country. They all deserve our respect, honor, and admiration. At the same time, there are many families who have buried sons and daughters needlessly after situations that have clearly been shown to have been able to have been handled better.image

It’s time to stop the blame game. It’s time to hear and heal a hurting nation. There were many who helped shape this nation who held high ideals of this nation could become. Sadly, this nation has failed to live up to those ideals. We are fallible people. Yet, I know that there is hope through God. Those who are spiritual have a Holy Spirit within to love and live in a way that demonstrates not only the best of those ideals, but the Kingdom life God planned from the beginning.

Heaven on earth begins with heaven in our hearts, minds, and homes. His Kingdom comes when we carry that Kingdom to every mountain, hill, plain and valley. The time for Kingdom people to arise and shine is now. Love must be at the center of it all.

There is a time for anger, but it must be properly directed to achieve results. There is a time for fighting, but we must also identify who the enemy really is, and it’s not each other. There is a time to every purpose under heaven. We simply need to know the time and flow in time accordingly.
QUESTION: How are you facing these times when too many are in harms way.


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