Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think

I have been really encouraged over the last several weeks. In spite all of the bad news that has inundated the airwaves, I am still a person of great hope for the future and for the world in which we live in. This comes not just because I am a man of faith who believes wholeheartedly that every word that the bible says is true. It is that there are so many people in this world who I am coming into contact with who hold that same hope for the world, in both the sacred and secular realms of society.

Abundance Cover

Abundance Cover

One such person who has given me great hope for the future is Peter Diamandis who has written two powerful books that I have recently read. The first which I am reviewing today is titled Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think. In his book, he gives great hope by demonstrating how it has been seen in his own personal life, but how others are experiencing the great abundance and are paying it forward through great innovation and exploration of dreams that have yet to come to pass.

The beauty of this book is that it is broken down into three distinct sections. The first section lays the groundwork for illustrating why it is that people struggle with seeing the great abundance that truly exists in the present and therefore fail to hope for in the future. He readily admits that there are challenges that we face, but points to the hope that these challenges can be met with successful outcomes. The second section shows the hope that exists in what is currently being done and revealing how these things are paving the way for innovations that yet remain to be tapped into. The final section expands your mind to see the exponential synergies of technologies that are opening doors to possibilities that far exceed the dreams of the past.

One thing that I think truly impacted me was how he mentioned that what truly blocks great innovation and abundance comes through the fact that our minds are heightened and keenly tuned to pay attention to the negatives as opposed to the positive. It is because of this that we are almost forced to view the world with cataclysmic fatalism rather than hopefulness. I believe that the evidence that Peter lays out through breakthroughs in technology, medicine, energy, space exploration and so many other areas of society pointing to great potential for abundance in even remote areas of the world. This was shown through how technology is changing education and economy in developing nations.

I think that if there is anyone who is seeking hope for a greater tomorrow, they should read this book. This book reminded me of the great hope of spiritual reformer Johnny Enlow and Lance Wallnau who have each endeavored to give hope through the 7 mountain message that they each have carried around the world. Peter Diamandis’s book speaks from a different perspective the view that God is a God of abundance and is desiring to work through us to see it accomplished in every sphere of society.


QUESTION: Do you have faith to believe that the future is better and more abundant than it appears?


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  1. I have faith in Jesus, therefore the future (and eternity) look splendid. Thanks for causing me to pause and settle myself into that reality once again.

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