The Law of Divine Compensation

I don’t know about you, but my first introduction to the author Marianne Williamson came through a poem shared by a prominent Atlanta pastor. It was her poem Our Deepest Fear. Since that time, her poem has made its way into films like Coach Carter and Akeelah and the Bee. My introduction to another one of her writings came just recently as I had the pleasure of reading The Laws of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles.

What I love about this book can be found in the simplicity of its writing. She has carefully taken the time to recount a complex and Spiritual understanding and make it plainly understood. Whether you are focused on the aspects of work, money, or miracles, Marianne has broken down in plain language the laws that govern divine compensation.

As my recent readings have been concentrated on the theme of abundance lately, this book, much like Peter Diamandis’s book Abundance equally points to the truth that there is an abundance that exists to be experienced by all. It puts into mind the scripture where Jesus conveys the message to his followers that he came that we might have life and that more abundant.

I think the thing that blessed me the most was the sharing of how faith is so critical in the positioning of ourselves to be able to receive the miracles that we are in need of. She affirms the idea that faith is something that opens up our minds to the abundance of possibilities rather than the closed mind which shuts the doors on the fulfillment of things we hope for. She reminds us that how we think has great implications for the outcomes of our lives. If we are positive in our thinking, it is a bridge to freedom and wonder. If we are negative in our thinking, it becomes the chasm from which we find ourselves perpetually falling and failing.

I think that anyone who has faced difficult times or has need of encouragement through a difficult season of life will find great hope and encouragement in reading this. It may certainly be the catalyst that provides hope that God will turn our lives around when we relinquish our burdens to him to move on our behalf.

I think anyone who is in need of forgiveness will also find great hope in this book. Too often it is in being unforgiving of ourselves that we hold ourselves back from the abundance of the blessings that our future is wanting to release to us. Marianne Williamson makes this case and more within the pages of her book and I hope that anyone who has a desire to experience the abundance that life can offer will take the time to read it.


QUESTION: Do you have a need to discover the Law of Divine Compensation?


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  1. Enjoyed this post. For those who want a good explanation of faith I enjoy how Charles. Finney explains the case for faith.

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