Making It A November To Remember

I don’t know about you but November can sometimes seem like a forgotten month. It can at times seem to be a month that gets lost in the sauce of other things that are happening in the surrounding months. If it weren’t for Thanksgiving, it would be completely lost between the costumes festivities of Halloween and the many, merry days of Christmas.  One bit of hope for this month is that on this year, it happens to bring an extra touch of tension with the approaching Presidential election. It’s highly unlikely that this November will be forgotten with so much hanging in the balance for this nation. However, what are some other ways in which we can generally make this a November to remember?

Image Credit: LightStock

Image Credit: LightStock

Engage the Community: The opportunity to engage the community in constructive conversation, hearing their heart on the matters of their lives provide a great opportunity to meet individual and community needs. At a time when it really feels good to be able to reach others through common interests, November provides a time when people are more apt to being generous, concerned, and caring of others.

Encourage Others: Encouraging others doesn’t just foster hope in others, it is a reminder to the giver of it that what is hoped for is also attainable. It renews passion, fans the flames of creativity, and reawakens people up to dreams that have fallen by the way. Encouraging others gives additional strength to people at times when they most often need it.

Entreat Others to Do Good: Acts of kindness is something that can be contagious. It has a way of sparking the mind of others in ways of doing good towards others that might not have existed at other times. The interesting thing about doing good is that it is also more fun to do good with others at your side. When you have someone to share in the joy of doing good it strengthens bonds between you and those you share the moment with. It connects you in ways that other activities can’t.

You can either choose to make this November just another month that gets obscure recollections, or you can make it one of the most memorable of all month by stretching beyond the normalcy of the everyday and mundane routines. Make it a time that produces a good start to a good end of the year. Let it be the catalyst for carrying you into a more inspiring new year. Let it truly be a November to remember because you dared to do something different from what has previously been done.


QUESTION: What are some ways you can help to make November rememberable?


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