The Trump Indictment

Imagine for a moment that what we’re seeing in the present election with Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump is actually the sounding of a trumpet from God to the Church to wake up to their own failings. So many are looking at Donald in such contempt because he seems to ignite such impassioned and strong feelings about him. Yet, the call of the Church has been to be an example of heaven and a representation of God in the earth. God is love and loves perfectly. God is gracious, merciful, and very often goes against conventional wisdom. So what might the message be to the Church, should Donald Trump be elected?

Possibility Number 1: Many are looking at Donald Trump as being an embarrassment for the nation because he is brash, rude, crude, and seemingly contradictory, if not hypocritical at times. So many are smacking themselves in the head saying “How can he represent us? What an embarrassment! Anyone but him.” What if God is trying to get the Church’s attention to say, “I could just as easily say the same thing about my people who have not represented me in the best light before a world who very much still needs Me. Yet, I do not do this. Why? Because you are my children, and I still love my children, faults and all.”

God often uses the foolish things to confound the wise. He uses those of us who seem the least likely, the least qualified, and the broken because, in their vulnerability there can yet be a humility that says “I can’t do this alone. I need You [God] to get me through this.”

Possibility Number 2: Some people are looking at Donald Trump as a person who is bold, fearless, and willing to say anything to get attention. While this might seem offensive to many, what if it is God’s way of drawing the Church’s attention to the fact that it needs to be bolder in speaking truth in love, with the same fearlessness and boldness. Too many have been walking around fearing backlash for living their faith in the communities in which they live while watching their communities fall to crime, hatred, racism, abuse, corruption, misconduct, miseducation and more.

Persecution came to the early Church because they became content to stay in a place of comfort. When Christ had given them the word to make disciples of every nation, it was only after persecution came that they went beyond that place where there was the initial burst of growth. Now is a time where God may be letting the Church to know that it has become too comfortable within the four walls of worship centers and it time to be salt and a true light on every hill and mountain.

Whether Donald Trump wins or loses, this election is a time for the Church to take some serious notes of who and what the Church is going to be in this nation and around the world. If God designed the church to be a nation of prophets, priests, and kings, the one thing we have to be mindful of is that we are not called to be prophets of doom. We can also not afford to be prophets of our emotions, fears, and own opinions. This does not bring God’s truth to those who have need of it. Nor does it edify those who need it.

There are times when a prophet’s message is uncomfortable, convicting, and can seem contrary to what makes sense or desirable. God does not always work in what we’d like but it is always what is best. His ways are what makes us stronger and more prepared for what’s ahead of us.

Will the Church in America be a Church that loves unconditionally, even as Christ modeled it? Will the Church be the Voice and expression of God in the Earth and not a reflection of the culture it’s been sent to engage? Will the Church in America heed the warnings that the apostle John gave to the seven churches in the book of Revelation?

There is a shifting that is taking place in America. The time for lukewarm Christianity is over. The time for revealing what true righteousness and peace looks like coming from a people who can display it in all seven spheres is upon us. The call of Kingdom People is to give rise to our King’s Agenda. His agenda is not our own. The more we allow ourselves to clearly hear Him, apart from the noise of this world, the better we are going to be able to bring hope to a world that still yet seeks Him and the Truth which has been veiled from their eyes and hidden from their ailing hearts.


QUESTION: How can the Church become awakened to what God’s heart is and wants to accomplish? Are you able to silence the noisy world to hear clearly what God is saying in times like this? What do you do to hear clearly?


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