What Election 2016 Has Revealed About 7 Mountain Assignments For The Next Four Years

God doesn’t always call the qualified, He often likes to qualify the called. The people of Israel looked at Saul as the ideal candidate to be king, yet he was brash and unsubmissive to the word of God. When God sent Samuel to Jesse’s house to seek out and anoint a new king, anyone of David’s elder brothers appeared to fit the bill. Yet God told Samuel the one He was after was David. It was his humility and spirit of worship that God was after.

Paul said in 1st Corinthians 1:27 says that God will choose the foolish things to confound the wise and the weak thing to confound the mighty. There are many who have operated from conventional wisdom and tried to use it to analyze this entire race from the primary run until election day, and they are all baffled by the 2016 results. Many Christians judged this election from a narrow scope and chose to stick with the system they knew than to trust that God can work in anything or anyone.

There are many in the prophetic community who have compared Donald Trump to a modern day Cyrus and that he has been anointed and appointed for such a time as this. For those of you who don’t know who Cyrus is, he was a king of Persia, who by every account was the furthest from a godly man. Yet, he was a man who God could work with because he listened to godly men (See Ezra and Daniel for further study).

Image Credit: Free Images.com

Image Credit: Free Images.com

Back when Donald Trump first reached out to many in the faith community to ask for their insight and prayers, they readily identified him as someone whom God could use because he was humble, admitting he was out of his natural element. As we look ahead to the next four years, here are a few things that I think this election signifies both for his presidency and the 7 mountains of culture in this nation.

Government: When Trump announced his candidacy, part of the appeal for many was that he was an outsider and pledging to run on his own dime so that he was beholden to no one, which was part of his complaint about government at-large. He pointed to a corrupt system that was more interested in lining their pockets and amassing power than being representatives of the people they promised that they were representing. What I believe that this signals for the mountain of government is that there is a shift taking place where justice, integrity, and accountability being restored to government. What will be essential to helping him through this is to have a Joseph or Daniel, who is above reproach, walks in integrity, will not compromise character for the sake of being close to him.

Image Credit: Free Images.com

Image Credit: Free Images.com

Media: The mountain of media has shown themselves as a big part of the problem. When the role of the media was meant to keep government honest and report truth instead of lies and salacious sensationalism, we are finding that now is a prime opportunity for those who have a heart to report truth so that government is held accountable to the people.

Arts & Entertainment: Much of the mountain of arts and entertainment has been corrupted by many with an agenda of to compromise American morals. Now is a time where there will be a call for more quality stories. Not all will be so called Bible stories, but there will be a resurgence of stories that will capture the imaginations of people in a way that fosters wholesome creativity.

Business: Coming from the world of business, Donald Trump already has an understanding of the need for a balanced budget, reduced debt, and freedom for businesses to be able to create jobs and more advantageous trade deals that will work to help Americans not see their industries outsourced to other nations.

Even more, bringing some sense of check and balance between how the businesses are regulated and how many in government have profited from it. The Pharmaceutical industry, just to name one has been under scrutiny for manipulating and taking advantage of the people they say they want to see helped with cures. There is an opportunity for those who have a heart to bring integrity and transparency to all areas of business will have a chance to change the landscape of how business gets done.

Education: The Common Core system of education has paved the way for America to be ranked 34th in the world for education. This is an opportunity for a reintroduction to prayer in schools nationally. A reintroduction of Creation sciences to counteract Darwinianism. This is a time to introduce methods of education that don’t just medicate and isolate student that are hard to teach but to present options that can help all student have the opportunity to thrive and be productive contributors to society. This is a time where systems can be put into place that can help students from being introduced to the judicial system.

Image Credit: Freely.com

Image Credit: Freely.com

Family: On the mountain of family there has been much neglect that has caused families to fall apart at the seams. There almost seems to be little semblance of the traditional family anymore. God said in Malachi that He would return the hearts of the fathers back to the children and the children’s hearts back to their fathers. This will be a season where this gets put to the test. This will be the opportunity to have true displays of love in families so that many are less willing to abort children. It will be an opportunity to keep children out of the judicial system because of neglect or abandonment of parental responsibilities.

Image Credit: Free Images.com

Image Credit: Free Images.com

Religion: The mountain of religion is one of the most important mountains to shift back into order. As this election has shown, there had been much fear, much infighting among people in the body of Christ who differed in opinion about the election and the candidates. This will be an opportunity for people to wake up to what God is saying in this season and help saints navigate in love and truth. It will be a time in which the Church must also have a prophetic ear to hear and eyes to see what God is unfolding so that it can be communicated not just to the Body, but to the world who is confounded by everything that has happened.

This is a time for a rebuke of critical spirits, hypocritical spirits, and an opportunity to walk in humility that we only see in part and prophesy in part. None of us have the full picture of what is happening but with what sight we have, we must be willing to bring people to a place of worship, give spiritual perspective, and minister peace so that the nation is not consumed by hate and remain divided. The Bible says that people would know that we are His disciples by our love. It’s time that we show that we can operate in love; love for fellow Christians whom we may not necessarily agree with at times; love for the many souls that need to know Him; and love that reaches beyond racial boundaries within and outside the church doors, in our communities, and any place that is lacking in love.

As a prophetic nation, a royal priesthood, and holy nation, it is our call and duty to pray for leaders, regardless whether we agree with them. God sets in place whosoever He wills. We are called to speak truth in love and give godly counsel when called upon. we cannot do this with any sense of clarity if we harbor ill feelings about the person rather than acknowledging that we are representations of God in the earth. With our hearts committed to praying, fasting and leading others to the throne of grace, we can turn a nation’s heart back to a loving Father who wants to see nothing more than a people who accepts that He is, and is a reward of them that seek Him.

We’ve seen throughout the year or so of the election campaign the divisive nature that has come from even many in the faith community. For those who’ve been called to this mountain to bring glory to it, now is the time to put aside personal agendas and come under the authority of God’s agenda.

When the Hebrew New year came in, it introduced the year 5777. What is interesting about this, as it pertains to Donald Trump is that on the day that he is sworn in as president, he will be 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old. Three sevens. There is significance here as we know that seven is the number of completion or maturity. While many may not view Donald as being mature it is not him that we should be focused on, but the completion and maturity of a spiritual event that God has been setting up to realign this nation. There is grace to accomplish this. If we are willing to look beyond self, we will begin to understand thing from a God perspective and get into the flow of this new thing.

November 8, 2016 was the day the election was held, but it wasn’t until the early hours of the 9th that there was a declared winner. Nine is the number of new things being birthed. Many are unaware of what exactly was birthed, and sadly, few even knew that there was even a spiritual pregnancy. Now is the time that we see what has come forth and get into our respective places to reclaim the mountains God has called us to and watch what God is unfolding.



  1. Excellent. Spoken like a brother led by the Spirit of God!

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