Realizing Obama and Trump are Like Apples and Oranges

This year has seen some amazing things take place politically. Many have made various commentaries regarding the current Obama Administration and the dramatic difference it seems to be from the approaching Trump Administration. Many liberal reporters and politicians have voiced their disdain over their assessment that Trump is “unpresidential” or “unfit” to be Commander in Chief. At the same time, they have hailed Obama as “the best that ever held the office”. Yet, there is something to be said about what many conservatives and Christians have said about both of these men.


Image Credit: Star Tribune

It seems that America’s history and heritage has all but been ignored by many when it comes to upholding the constitution and many of the values and even political policies that have existed for generations. In looking at President-elect Donald Trump, many Christians have made reference to him being like King Cyrus. For those who are unfamiliar with King Cyrus, he was a king who ruled at a time when the people of Israel were in exile. Although he was in no means a righteous leader, he was a ruler who God was able to use with the help of prophets like Nehemiah, Ezra, Daniel. Through him, Israel‘s tabernacle and the city walls were permitted to be rebuilt.

Many in the faith community are prophetically seeing this season of a Trump presidency as a similar opportunity for restoration for not just the Church in America, but for much of the moral and constitutional fiber of the nation. While there is a brashness to his rough exterior, he has seemingly shown a vulnerability or humbleness that suggests a willingness to be used by God for a greater purpose than simply making this a Trump America.

Something else that few have made a connection to is that there is a real polar opposite in the difference between Obama and Trump. Where Obama started his presidential career promising that he would stand for many Christian values, you cannot help but notice the complete opposite has taken place. From legalizing gay marriage, changing the rules on late-term abortions, to all but severing support to Israel who has been one of the nation’s greatest allies, Obama has seemingly led the nation like King Saul led Israel.

Saul was a king during the days when Israel was a nation led by judges and prophets. When the people pleaded for God to give them a king, their first choice for one was a guy who seemingly fit the mold as the perfect candidate. He had the looks, the credentials, the charisma and even came from one of the better tribes. Yet, his rule was stripped from him and his bloodline because he was a man who was cocky and one where he would not hearken to the leading of the voice of God through the prophet. Much like Saul, Obama had the looks of a president, the love of the people, the charisma, and a unique personal history that made him stand out like few ever have. He’s also had the opportunity to stand up for righteous causes, and many times turned a blind eye to those things. The recent decision regarding Israel is one of the greatest examples in his eight-year administration.

The king who replaced Saul was David. By all accounts, David was far from appearing kingly and the unlikeliest of candidates. His own family didn’t even see him as a contender when Samuel came to the house of Jesse to find the son who God wanted him to anoint as the next king of Israel. What made David different from Saul was a humility to worship and follow the word of the Lord through the prophets. He was not a perfect man. He failed many times, yet he always returned to God.

For those in the prophetic community who are declaring that Trump is like Cyrus, it will take a David-like humility to help move him from just saying the right things, to doing the right things. There has already been a sense that this will take place, given that he has chosen a unique group of people to head his cabinet.

The quote, “Drain the swamp” has in many circles seem to reveal a real desire to set the governmental House in order. Rebuilding or restructuring systems is something that he has done as a business owner. As a CEO of a corporation, he knows what it takes to build things. Like David, who knew how to take the talents of a shepherd and worshipper and translate that to leading a nation, Trump is going to utilize many of the skills and abilities he is strong in to lead this nation.

As the year comes to a close and the days are getting closer to Donald Trump’s inauguration, it behooves many in the body of Christ to be praying for the incoming Administration. There must be a prayer for strength to follow through, a prayer to open the eyes of those who cannot see what is taking place and what hope lies ahead. There must be a prayer that removes the distractions of thought that has fostered lies of agendas that do not promote but demote the status of this nation before God. America is still a blessed nation and her best days are still yet ahead of her.


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