What If Trump Was Right?

When Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for president he launched out with the slogan “Make America Great Again.” To many in America, this seemed a slap in the face as they assumed that America was currently in a state of greatness. The assumption that a brash man who seemed to offend so many couldn’t possibly know what it means, nor be a producer of “greatness” for America. His outspoken nature seemed to rub so many the wrong way. Nevertheless, he won the election and is soon to be installed as this nation‘s 45th president.

Does a man’s bold talk negate the legitimacy of the ideals he upholds? If that’s the case, do we say that the ideals of the Founding Fathers of this nation also have no merit because many of them appeared to live in ways that were in conflict with those ideals?

The preamble of this nation’s Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths that all men are created equal.” Do we ignore that as an ideal worthy of pursuing and upholding, simply because at the time that they were inscribed, the author owned slaves? Do we forget those words simply because black men and all women were denied the right to vote? In spite of the contradictions, this nation has always sought to pursue those high ideals and bring them to fruition through hard fought struggles, many times at the cost of bloody sacrifices.

So what if Donald Trump’s cries to “Make America Great Again” was not what the fearful thought? What if it wasn’t an attempt to return the country to times that were not as bright in history’s hindsight, but rather an attempt to bring America back to a day when more noble ideals were actually aspired to? Could America become a nation that values the freedoms of all the people? Could this truly become a nation of laws that works for the people? Could this be a nation that is comprised of a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people?”

As of the present time, Donald Trump has yet to be sworn in as president, yet saved thousands of jobs that were presently in danger of being moved out of the country. He has also secured the promises of other jobs by foreign businesses that wish to expand in America. There has also been a push to uphold existing laws that have been neglected to be enforced by previous administrations. He has also garnered the favor of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

It is interesting that up until Donald Trump announced his candidacy, he was everyone’s favorite Billionaire New York celebrity. After he showed them his “trump card” which was running a campaign like a businessman and not a politically correct politician, he became detestable.

To Donald Trump’s credit, he has pointed out the fallacies of a government that has for too long be about protecting its own self-interests and not that of the people. He has pointed out the willing compliance of the media to not report the news but rather create a false narrative that left themselves and the nation blindsided when the true results of the election revealed that Donald Trump could beat them at their own game.

In the first 100 days and beyond, it is highly likely that his agenda will be to “drain the swamp” of legislative red tape that has dragged this nation down from being productive and get the economy back to a positive growth pattern. There have already been positive reactions by investors since election day that seem to validate this belief. There is also the possibility to bolster support for the Faith Based community in light of recent attacks to strip many of their religious freedoms in personal business and in their places of assembly.

Donald Trump has had a track record for years of working with many foreign nationals in his business dealings and he also has a record of being a very diversified employer. Regardless what people think about the things he has stated in the process of running for office, he has shown even in his selection of cabinet members that he plans to stay the course of continuing to support diversity and bridge the racial gap.

If Donald Trump is right and America has truly lost her path to greatness, despite how great we may think it currently is, doesn’t it behoove this nation to give him the same chance that the nation gave his predecessor who claimed to want to inspire hope for change? This changing of the guards could potentially establish Donald Trump’s political legacy to be this generation’s Abraham Lincoln. While it might seem high praise to some, there are some who have already claimed that Trump’s presidency is shaping up to be patterned after Lincoln’s. Should this holdup, there will truly great days ahead, as Lincoln too had to face the task of uniting a country that was divided over ideals.


QUESTION: Do you believe that Donald Trump is right to tout the ideals of Making America Great Again?


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