Where Did The Love Go?

Part of the rallying cry for many during the election season revolved around the slogan “Love Trumps Hate”. However, in the hours following both the election results and the subsequent inauguration of the now President Donald Trump, there has been little love shown by those who also clung to the former First Lady’s statement, “When they go low, we go high!” The one thing that I’d like to know is, where did the love go? love-trumps-hate

I was recently reading Matthew 5:43-48. I was drawn to this passages based on two reasons. One was that it was a passage that I had been assigned to read and dissect for a class. The other is that it was connected to another passage of scripture that Reverend Samuel Rodriguez recited during the Presidential Inauguration. Pastor Rodriguez read from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, where he cited, in particular, The Beatitudes. In that sermon, Jesus lets the people know of the blessings that exist for them in the Kingdom. As you go down to the final section of the chapter, Jesus reveals the difference between the love of the world and the kind of love that is to be expressed by those who desire to be sons of God.

What is interesting to note about Jesus when he speaks to the people is that he says that loving one’s friend, one’s neighbor or those who agree with you is easy. The real challenge for a person is to love like God, which is to even love those who disagrees with you, hates you, or even persecutes you. Jesus tells them that God’s love is impartial. He created everyone and His love is for all of His creation. His love doesn’t stop for those who reject Him. Jesus goes so far as to point out the fallacy of human behavior by revealing that even nature itself is a reflection of how God is. He says that the sun shines on both the evil and the good, the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike.

So the question for many Christians who have chosen to join the rest of the community in vehement and animosity towards this new administration is, “where did the love go”? Did something change with the exit of one president to the installation of another? Did the call to pray for our leaders get suspended by the emotion of not agreeing with what occurred in the last year and a half? Did somehow the Bible change and say it’s okay to in this case because (insert whatever excuse you think justifies the current reactions).

If we are of Christ, Jesus says that when we love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us it reveals that we are the sons of God. Children have an innate desire and ability to imitate their parents. As a father, I am amazed at my children when they imitate both my wife and me at times that we think that they aren’t paying attention. It’s just in them to do that. Let’s be as true children of God and imitate the unconditional and unbiased love that God shows for all. People may not understand us for doing it but they will never forget that the Church rallied to look like the savior without bias.

We may not always understand why things happened the way they happened. If we are prophetic, we may see and know in part. However, our default is always to love and to pray. When all else fails us, love and pray becomes the default nature because it connects us to God’s heart and brings us to a point of peace until we do understand. So, in spite of, however, you may currently be feeling about the recent events that have occurred, find it in your heart to find the default nature of God. Find a way to love and pray.


QUESTION: Have you found it difficult to love the people who disagree with you or those who are seeing things differently from you? How can you find a way to reconcile those issues?


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