Sold Out Souls Signal A Shift on The Mountain of Arts and Entertainment

Something interesting was revealed in the most recent Grammy Awards night. On a night in which many things were celebrated, one thing may have slipped by if you weren’t paying attention to it. While many were paying attention to the many music entertainers perform and accept awards throughout the evening, what perhaps is the most amazing revelation is that Adele won five Grammys. Three of those five are among the top coveted awards in the music industry. With the number of Grammys that Adele has added to her collection, it now totals 15 in all that have been received in 8 years.

Image Credit: Billboard

Image Credit: Billboard

What’s even more amazing in this is that Adele has done all of this by simply presenting raw talent and genuine soulful artistry. None of her ministry of music came from selling out with loud and brasen costumes made up to symbolically celebrate pagan worship or present herself as a hyper-sexualized diva. Could this be the a sign of the beginning shift in the restoration of all things on the mountain of Arts and Entertainment? I’d like to think so. Not once has she felt the urge to fit into the perfect size 6 mold of perfection that many say you have to be as a female artist. She’s also not gone the way of outlandish music videos to make grandiose statements.

She has presented herself as a completely class act. Yet, in as much as she has done all of this, she reveals her humility in wanting to give credit to another music artist who has been equally talented over the years, yet did not garner the acclaim this year as many might have thought she should. The fact that Adele had won 15 Grammys in 8 years seems to indicate that there has been multiplied grace given to her to do a new thing in the music entertainment industry as a way to reveal to the world that the way music has been done doesn’t have to be the way that it’s done anymore.

A clear sign of this can be seen in the fact that someone like Chance the rapper was the first in history to win a Grammy award without having sold one physical copy of music or be represented by a label. He won for best new artist and best rap album. With two awards under his belt, it’s a clear sign that there is agreement in the heavenly realm to do a new thing in new and innovative ways to take the industry by storm. His music is equally of great quality and relatively clean compared to much of what is deemed sell-able across the genre that he is in. It is interesting that Chance’s win comes exactly two years after Lecrae’s last Grammy win.

What I believe this mean for the future of the Mountain of Arts & Entertainment is that the mountain is indeed being shaken to the reality that artist don’t have to follow the path of selling themselves short or cave into demonic influence. Whether people will acknowledge the heavily satanic influence that has gripped this mountain or not, it is being shaken.

I believe there is going to be a clear rising of new artist who will release a new sound and present a new look that glorifies God in creativity, worship, and bring true understanding of what it means to be celebratory. There is going to be true victory seen as new artist presents music that not only heals people emotionally, but touches people on a cellular level to hear the heart of God. I believe that it will begin to even overflow into the film industry as the music begins to shape the stories that are told in film and television. The inspiration of music will have greater influence to inspire greater adoption of music and arts in education as studies confirm to greater degree the positive influence on students who have difficulty learning and enhance the learning of students overall.

I also believe that there will be multiplied grace for artist who declare their faith in God, regardless of what genre they are performing in, as they begin to see that they don’t have to debase themselves or to lace their music with demeaning lyrics that tear down others. I believe that even social conscious music will become of greater influence as it not just points out the injustice but also highlights solutions to the ills of the world. As they highlight these ills, it won’t be motivated solely by political agenda but a genuine heart of compassion to see changes happen across all areas of life.

I believe that part of this new influence will be found in areas that were once great musical influences. Places like Harlem, Detroit, Atlanta, and Nashville will see a resurgence of new and raw talent inspired by the freedom of true expressions of the sounds of heaven. It will even birth forth a reemergence of sounds from native Americans who will reveal a sound that has been missing for far too long.

As all of this begins to take place, it will be the job of many on the mountains of Business, Government, Family, and Religion to do their part to support and gird up these new song birds, so that they might take flight, that they might be welcomed in various venues, and encouraged not to fall victim as previous generations have to the things that shorten careers. Pray for their minds, their hearts, and souls that they are strengthened for where they must go. As they take flight, they will give rise to many on other mountains to do likewise.

QUESTION: What are other things you saw during the 59th Grammy Awards that gives you hope for the shift on the Mountain of Arts and entertainment?


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