What is the Call of the People When Prophets Speak? [Part Six]

Today we are looking at the plague of boils, the sixth of the ten plagues of Egypt and its significance to the prophetic word that was spoken of by Prophet Kim Clement regarding 10 little battles that would be faced in light of a betrayal in the White House. The first thing that I noticed about this particular plague is that it is the first plague that had a direct impact on the people themselves, not just the animals. It was so great that even the magicians could not stand before Moses because of it. This plague was a judgment against the Egyptian gods over health and disease.boils

I sincerely believe that as I heard the prophetic word that was given by Prophet Kim, God began to unfold to me how this particular plague was a representation of a present day judgment over the healthcare system, the big pharmaceutical industry, false healers, and quack professionals who are taking advantage of people. The distinction that is going to be seen here will be with those who would be righteous in their practice versus those who would continue to abuse systems and put a stumbling block before businesses and the people who would desire to honor God in all things.

With all this in mind, the HHS, FDA, USDA and perhaps even the CDC play a key role here. For too long there has been cooperation between the medical industry and big pharmaceutical companies to keep people doped up rather than to do the work of providing solutions and healing to things that are ailing America. Whether it is in over-prescribing medications, pumping obscene things into the foods that are consumed by people and the animals, too many are getting sick and dying, while not enough are getting better.

Image Credit: FreeImages.com

Image Credit: FreeImages.com

So what is the call to those who would hear the words of a prophet? I believe it will be to pursue solutions that go against the norm of conventional wisdom. Even as people are in search of natural cures and seeking God in place of what man cannot do, I believe will become more evident that it will be a distinct difference like the days of Daniel when he and others with him set themselves apart by not taking of the king’s meat in obedience to God. They fared better in their physical appearance and it put them in a place of prominence.

The challenge here will not just be to bring righteousness and integrity back to these arms of the government and the companies that are aligned with them. It will also be in the ability of Christian therapists, physicians, and businesses to be able to provide certifiable evidence of the difference in how they operate in comparison to the mainstream. This would also include ministries that emphasize the healing power of faith such as SOZO®, Living Waters, Soaking or Healing Rooms.

I’d imagine that the distinction that you’d see between those who would do business or have their interests in things that are not godly would become inflamed and irritated in the same way that the people who saw physical boils upon their flesh. I’d imagine also that they would be unable to stand in the presence of those who have acquired God inspired and God instructed methods of operating in the areas of healing and practicing businesses that are connected to health and wholeness. There are Godly solutions that God wants His people in Israel and the Church to flow in. As they do this, they will be as those Hebrew boys who fared better by their obedience.


QUESTION: As you hear the voice of the prophets, how are you responding? Are you being prompted to do something different so that you are in obedience to what would set you apart from the world?


This is part six in a series of blogs that will cover the prophetic word by Kim Clement and what I believe the 10 battles that may be instrumental in deliverance for Israel and the Church.  Click the above link to see the prophetic message. Click Here to read Part One of this series.

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