What is the Call of the People When Prophets Speak? [Part Seven]

Something to consider today as we continue to look at the prophetic word that Prophet Kim Clement made regarding 10 little wars or battles that would be faced by America and Israel as a result of a betrayal in the White House. In looking that the ten plagues of Egypt, scripture tells us that right before the release of the last four plagues, the message to Pharaoh was that the final plagues would be worse than the ones that had come before. The purpose of those final plagues was to prove to Pharaoh that there was none like God in all the earth.

Image Credit: FreeImages.Com

Image Credit: FreeImages.Com

With this in mind, I believe that this is a sign to us that the final four battles or wars that must be faced will be more intense and have greater consequence for those in opposition to God’s will and people, leading up to the victory and deliverance that Prophet Kim said would be experienced by Israel and the body of Christ.

The seventh plague that was faced by Egypt was the plague of hail. If you have ever experienced a hail storm, you know that hail is in essence pellets of frozen rain, that often vary in size. I’ve personally seen hail as small as the tip of a ballpoint pen to as large as a golf ball. I’ve heard people say that they’ve seen them the size of a softball. Hail has the capacity of doing great damage to property and can be very deadly to people and animals that are struck by them.

The hail that was seen by the Egyptians in that day was accompanied by fire. This would definitely be unusual. For the people of Egypt, the hail that fell during that time was a judgment against the sky goddess, the crop fertility god and storm god that they worshiped. Yet, there was a bit of mercy shown in this plague, as God did warn them to gather together the animals and crops that had survived the previous plagues (see Exodus 9:19).

John Martin's painting of the plague of hail a...

John Martin’s painting of the plague of hail and fire (1823). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I believe that this signifies for today in light of Prophet Kim Clement’s prophetic word, is that the battle that must be faced is in relationship to people who put their faith in their wisdom as it relates to the environment. This would again include the FDA, USDA, as well as the EPA. These three governmental agencies have played significant roles in the treatment of the land and animals. The pumping of pesticides, steroids, and chemically fabricated vegetation have created health issues for animals, humans, and the land itself. In the effort to be productive, the push for efficiency and profitable has taken the place of being responsible for both the natural resources of the land and animals as commanded in Genesis, as well as the health of those who rely on it.

The command by God to honor the sabbath and the tradition of rotating the crops and allowing the land to rest was a model that the people of Israel honored and was meant as an example to the rest of the world in not just obedience, but to trust God for greater during that time of rest.

Image Credit: FreeImages.Com

Image Credit: FreeImages.Com

The battle comes in convincing these governmental agencies and businesses to correct the thinking and practices in relationship to the environment and the resources that are used to benefit us. In as much as has already been done in the area of sustainability initiatives, it will be an even greater need to pay attention to the things that are causing harm. Even now, there are issues that can be seen in Flint, MI that have yet to be resolved as it relates to the water. There are other areas that across the country that are so toxic whole towns are getting sick because of what is seeping from the ground. Silverton, Colorado; Pitcher, Oklahoma; Mossville, Louisiana; Butte, Montana; Love Canal, New York; Times Beach, Missouri are but a few of the towns that have seen and lived through this.

So what is the call to those of us who hear the words of the prophets? It is to stand in agreement with those who are honoring the ways that God has called us to truly protect, preserve, and prepare the land. Remembering the sabbath is not just a command that Israel is to acknowledge, but all of God’s children. It doesn’t matter if it is Saturday or Sunday, it’s a principle designed to remind us to set things apart and to keep it holy unto God. It is an opportunity to remind us that not only do we require rest for personal strength, growth, renewing creativity and more; it is a way to remind us that nature and even our businesses need it too.

The support of businesses that understand that you can be responsible and still provide what people need will be key. There are businesses that are getting it right and for those who would support them, it will send a clear message to other businesses what is right. The cold reception will be hard hitting to them and it will hit them in their bottom line and will either cause them to shift to preserve and gather or shut them down. The governmental agencies will re-evaluate their practices to have a proper responsible practice that remembers that they serve the best interests of the people and not an agenda that incites fear.


QUESTION: What are some ways you are hearing God speak through His prophets to cause you to live better? Are there other things that you believe that this is pointing to?

This is part seven in a series of blogs that will cover the prophetic word by Kim Clement and what I believe the 10 battles that may be instrumental in deliverance for Israel and the Church.  Click the above link to see the prophetic message. Click Here to read Part One of this series.


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