What is the Call of the People When Prophets Speak? [Part Eight]

It’s hard to imagine that any of the crops in Egypt could possibly have survived the first seven plagues. The eighth plague was one in which God would cause the people of Israel to see and tell their children of the power of God. In looking at this eighth plague, it will be a shift for the people of Israel and the body of Christ today as we consider the words spoken by Prophet Kim Clement. The eighth plague, being the plague of locusts completely wiped out Egypt’s remaining crops and was a total judgment revealing God’s dominance over the gods of Egypt that represented the crops.

Desert locusts feeding.

Desert locusts feeding. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In looking at this plague and its impact on the people of Egypt in that day in comparison to the preservation of God’s people, we will look today at its relevance to the present day. In as much as we’ve already talked about the gods Set, Nut and Osiris who were the god of crop fertility, the sky, and the storm, this plague of locusts finalized that judgment.

I’ve already talked about the present day battle that will likely be at the forefront in the government and business, as they relate to agencies like the EPA, FDA, and USDA. What I believe the emphasis that will likely be the focus here will be agencies like the Department of Labor, the FTC, Department of Commerce, the Export-Import Banks, The Trade and Development Agency and other associated agencies and businesses. In as much as the wiping out of a cropped would have meant that there was no food for Egypt to harvest for eating, it was a greater devastation that impacted their ability to do trade with other nations or enable their citizens the resources to work.

The battle or war that Prophet Kim mentions that would be a result of the betrayal in the White House might be seen in the departing from unethical, immoral, and unfair business practices that have been allowed to fester within the aforementioned regulatory agencies. When people are mistreated, especially when God’s people are mistreated and taken advantage of, God does not overlook this. The treatment of Israel to be forced to make bricks without straw did not go unnoticed (see Exodus 5). The fact that there arose a Pharaoh who had forgotten the favor they obtained as a result of Joseph also did not go unnoticed (see Exodus 1:8).

In as much as God did not forget or allow the treatment of the people of Israel in that day go unnoticed, He even now will not allow the things that have been done in this country to go unnoticed. Whether it has been the agreement to slavery in America‘s early history or even it’s agreement to do business with countries today that have slave labor, profit from human trafficking, God has not missed any of it. The mistreatment of youth was what led to the creation of child labor laws, yet businesses that are benefiting from other nations that have no such laws likewise do not go unseen.

What this battle will likely highlight is the call to conduct in business as it relates to laborers and trade. As American businesses and the government conduct business on a global scale, it cannot conduct business in any way it sees fit. It must become understood that integrity, honor and ethical behavior must become the standard of practice, even if it costs more on the front end. God always reward excellence, obedience, and good stewardship.

Image Credit: FreeImages.com

Image Credit: FreeImages.com

The distinction should become clear for Israel and the Church as they operate in this way, much in the same way that Daniel and the Hebrew Boys did. Their excellence in conduct gave them favor with each king that ruled during their years in exile. Those who schemed against them paid a costly price. It will likely also be that as Christians hold to a higher standard of operation and obedience to the word and promises of God, that it will prove to be more beneficial to their businesses. It will be like Jacob who yet prospered with the speckled sheep, despite Laban’s attempts to stack the deck in his favor. Others who resist and insist on wicked, twisted, and deceitful practices or even working with those who do will begin to see their deals get trumped, profit lines diminish, and perhaps even collapse.

The glory that will arise for those who are aligned with God’s will and way will distinguish His people in Israel and America alike as easily as the separation that God will bring about as one who will separate sheep nation from goat nation. The resistance to this will be fierce, but a clear realignment will cause a light to shine upon those that do to become greater.


QUESTION: How can you align yourself better to the standard that God is seeking from those who represent Him in the earth? Will you be about the Father’s business in your business towards the world in a way that honors God?


This is part seven in a series of blogs that will cover the prophetic word by Kim Clement and what I believe the 10 battles that may be instrumental in deliverance for Israel and the Church.  Click the above link to see the prophetic message. Click Here to read Part One of this series.


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