What is the Call of the People When Prophets Speak? [Part Nine]

Throughout this entire series, we have seen that a great distinction is being made between Israel and Egypt through the ten plagues that God released upon Egypt as a judgment against them and the gods they worshiped and the treatment of Israel. In looking at the prophecy that was made by Prophet Kim Clement, we will look today at the ninth plague to see how it fits into the prophecy he made regarding the 10 little battles that would be faced by Israel and America as a result of a betrayal in the White House, and how it may play a role in the deliverance he saw that would happen for both the Church in America and Israel.plagueofdarknessoverpyramids

The ninth plague that was unleashed upon Egypt was the plague of darkness. It was a plague that only impacted the Egyptians, as they were in darkness for three days, while the homes of the Israelites yet had light. It was a judgment against the sun god Ra that was worshiped and was symbolized by Pharaoh himself.

As I thought about this particular plague, what was revealed to me is that this great plague of darkness is a judgment against the human wisdom that goes against the knowledge and wisdom of God. Those who would make a god out of wisdom that is void of any reference or reverence of God. Much of human wisdom has been an assault on God’s people as it seeks to edge God out of every sphere and mountain of influence. It has sought to put a veil over truth under the guise of a pursuit of enlightenment.

Image Credit: FreeImages.Com

Image Credit: FreeImages.Com

This means that the halls of academia have become the battleground for this particular judgment. This would mean that the Department of Education is the frontlines of the battle. As we have already seen, there has been much disruption as the president has made his choice for who he’d have as the person to bring a change to the system. Over the last 50 or more years there has been a steady decline in the performance of the educational system. Some attribute this to the removal of prayer and worship in the educational system.

While some may say that this was necessary as the nation becomes more global and must honor all religions and religious people, the continual de-emphasis of God and faith in school has also resulted in more violence, disrespect for authority, and a moral compass for students. The continued stripping of God from the halls of education have made it easy to remove God from the equation of honoring Him in the pursuit of wisdom, in exchange for a making a God of human knowledge.

English: Young girl prays before eating school...

English: Young girl prays before eating school lunch of soup, milk, and an apple. 1936. Part of U.S. Works Progress Administration Surplus Commodities: School Lunch Programs during the Great Depression. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What would the call be to those who hear the words of the prophet? What will be the distinction? The distinction, as I believe it to eventually unfold is that those who would honor God in the areas of education. I believe that schools that make a point of revering God in the curricula that is taught and provide a moral compass that students can apply to their life will become highlighted, in the same way that Daniel and the Hebrew boys who honored God in their service to the kings during their exile excelled in education.

I believe that God will highlight students as they will become the ones who will find themselves as the solutions to problems that have yet to be solved. God will highlight the school systems that have a foundation that honors faith in God and reveres God as a part of wisdom seeking. Those who continue to reject or deny God will find their light being dimmed and the field becomes more widened to allow churches and faith-based organizations develop educational options and opportunities to young people that are not just alternatives to the ones under government oversight but also highly comparable in the areas of science, technology, engineering a math.

The battle to expel darkness from the educational institutions won’t come easy as for too long there has been an exaltation of human wisdom. Yet, as the call to restore reverence for God becomes the charge for Israel and America, it will open the opportunity for greater creativity, ingenuity, and innovation that has yet to be revealed.


QUESTION: In what ways do you think the battle to restore a reverence for Godly wisdom in education can create change for the nations?


This is part nine in a series of blogs that will cover the prophetic word by Kim Clement and what I believe the 10 battles that may be instrumental in deliverance for Israel and the Church. Click the above link to see the prophetic message. Click Here to read Part One of this series.


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