What is the Call of the People When Prophets Speak? [Part Ten]

Over the past couple of weeks, we have gone over nine of the ten plagues of Egypt in an effort to give light to the prophetic word that was spoken of by Prophet Kim Clement who had a vision of a betrayal in the White House. In his vision, he saw that this betrayal would result in 10 little wars or battles that would be faced by America and Israel, yet it would result in victory and deliverance for both nations. This brings us to today’s focus on the tenth and final plague that was released as a judgment upon Egypt. In what way might this judgment on Egypt be seen in the light of a present-day prophetic battle facing America and Israel.The Last Plague

The tenth plague that was unleashed upon Egypt was the plague of the death of the firstborn sons. It was a judgment against Isis the Egyptian god of protection of children. What is different about this plague is that while the previous judgments created a distinction between Israel and the Egypt, this one required an act of faith by Israel if they were to be unaffected by the release of this plague. It was the institution of the very first Passover feast as a means of protection for Israel to be covered and protected from the plague of death. The sacrifice of a male lamb and the smearing of its blood over the door post would be a sign that the spirit of death should pass over the homes of the Israelites.

First-born sons were a representation of legacy and posterity, as they were often the ones to whom inheritance was assigned to by right of birth. If there was no son, in many instances the inheritance was lost. The continued enslavement of Israel was the continued robbing of Israel’s inheritance. This was exacerbated by Pharaoh‘s mandate to kill the male children born to Israel’s women. This mandate by Pharaoh was an attack against Israel’s strength, as the Israelite women were more fertile than the women of Egypt.

How might this be seen in the present as a battle that must be faced? As strange as it may seem, I believe that this battleground will involve Homeland Security, the Dept. Of Defense, The Dept. Of Energy, and The Departments Of National and Central Intelligence. You may be wondering what these agencies have to do with firstborn sons. In as much as firstborn sons were a symbol of legacy and posterity for a family, they are also the strength of a family as they were the ones that were looked to in order to cover the family in the event that something happened to the patriarch. This meant that oftentimes they were the first to have the opportunity to be educated, as they would become the one that would have to represent the family in business.

They would need the necessary intelligence to negotiate deals in trade and if there was a debt to be paid, they were the first to sacrifice to pay the debt. This also meant they were the first to find themselves on the battlefield. If there was another son in the family the second son would remain while the first would represent the family in battle.

Image Credit: FreeImages.com

Image Credit: FreeImages.com

Homeland Security, The Department of Defense and the intelligence agencies are aspects of protection, as they have the power to keep the nation safe from attacks from enemies within and outside the nation that would love nothing more that to insight fear or the death to the life and legacy of a nation. We have seen the reports of leaks in the intelligence community and throughout different parts of the government that has put the presidency and the lives of soldiers at risk.

This threat to the strength of America has brought front and center the need to cover both in prayer through the blood of Jesus as many recognize that to ignore this season will leave both America and Israel in danger to nations that are seeking the demise of both. For those who are hearing the words of the prophet, prayer is indeed the call to action, as prayer is first and foremost the call of those who are to stand on the wall as watchmen for the soul of nations.

The Department of Energy is a representation of strength because power is synonymous with strength. As a nation that is greatly reliant upon energy and technology, the nation is continually at risk when it is reliant or beholden to nations for energy or oil from nations that do not have reverence for God or desire to acquire their own means of the destruction of the nations that do. The previous administration’s decision to cripple this nation and Israel by allowing the opportunity for an enemy to the state and Israel to gain access to the ability to create nuclear weapons is a slap in the face of the covenant relationship that has existed between the US and Israel since the restoration of Israel as a sovereign nation. The push of the current administration to not just move the nation to become self-reliant and sustaining in its own energy production and pursuits of new and innovative energies is a move that will not happen without resistance. Yet is one that must and will be overcome.

The fact that many are missing out or ignoring the current president’s desires has made his goal that his administration will be one that brings honor to its relationship with Israel and reverence God and the Church in America have come under continued fire not just across the nation but within the remnant of the previous administration. As such, I believe that the culmination of the battle that will be faced will be the undoing of the legacy of the administration that tried to sever the covenant bond between Israel and America as well as God’s place of reverence across the nation.

Those who would continue to cover this nation in the blood of Jesus through prayer will find that it will be what is the power of restoration and leads to the ultimate deliverance and victory for Israel and America. There will be no doubt that strongholds have been broken and destroyed as there will be an assurance of the purpose of the nation that prays for the peace of Jerusalem. There will be an extension of life, prosperity, and posterity.


QUESTION: Do you have a hope for the glory that will come from the ultimate victory that God will bring at the culmination of a Nation that honors and reveres Him and His chosen people?


This is part ten in a series of blogs that will cover the prophetic word by Kim Clement and what I believe the 10 battles that may be instrumental in deliverance for Israel and the Church. Click the above link to see the prophetic message. Click Here to read Part One of this series.


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