What is the Call of the People When Prophets Speak? [Wrap Up]

Over the last few weeks, I have made a modest attempt to look at the prophetic insight and revelation of Prophet Kim Clement who declared that he saw a betrayal in the White House that would lead to 10 tiny wars or battles that would be faced by America and Israel before a full deliverance would be experienced. As a result of the prophetic word, I connected the ten little wars to the ten plagues of Egypt as I saw potential areas within the nations that could well become the battlegrounds or strongholds of opposition to that deliverance for America and Israel.

I don’t know for sure that my analysis is perfect since prophetic messages are always subject to interpretation, as both the prophet prophesy in part and the interpreter sees in part. What I know for certain is that we are entering a season that is very significant for this nation and Israel. It is interesting to note that even as this message is going out, we are in the midst of what is known as the Lenten season. It is the 40 day period that begins on Ash Wednesday and leads up to Easter or Resurrection Day.

The interesting thing to note is that the Christian observance of Resurrection Day or Easter falls on April 16th this year and the observance of Passover for Jews goes from April 10th through April 18th. In as much as America and Israel are connected in covenant as ally nations, the observance of these two Holy Days should remind all of us of the need to look to God for deliverance from those things that have kept us from seeing the fullness of liberty.

The forty day period should be seen as a sign to us to pray. In as much as the number 40 signifies judgment, we can pray that God’s judgment is in the favor of His people during this time. There is so much at stake and so many who want both America and Israel to fail and fall. However, God is a God of His word. He will bring every word to pass, yet He also welcomes His people in the earth to come into agreement with His word so that heaven and earth are one. When heaven and earth are in agreement, things move and change.

Ultimately, what I believe that the call of this season for those who hear the words of the prophet is first and foremost to pray. Pray about the things that have been revealed to you through the prophetic words. Pray for greater revelation, as what God reveals to you may help you to know how you can personally play your unique part in fulfilling His will so that His plan can unfold. Pray for peace, for he will keep you in perfect peace as you keep your mind on Him. He will give you His peace in the midst of whatever storm may arise. As things begin to shift and change, the initial things you see may not always reflect the end result you know God is leading to but often there is a disorder that comes before things can become ordered.

English: MANAMA, Bahrain (Feb. 17, 2010) Lt. C...

English: MANAMA, Bahrain (Feb. 17, 2010) Lt. Cmdr. Ronald Stake, a Navy chaplain, holds Ash Wednesday Mass at Naval Support Activity Bahrain to mark the beginning of Lent. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Johansen Laurel/Released) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In as much as the Lenten season is often a time in which people fast or give up something, seek the Lord for what you might want to give up as a sign of sacrifice. The sacrifice is not for the purpose of simply giving up something. It is an opportunity to draw closer to God in your own relationship so that you can become more empowered. His strength is made perfect in your weakness. As you acknowledge to God your weakness in this season, He will reveal His strength and strengthen you in a way to enable you to face what is to come.

It is interesting to also note that at the conclusion of 2016 a prophetic word was released by Prophet Chuck Pierce Easter would signal a significant moment for the body of Christ as he had been presented with a sign of victory in the form of a gift. That gift had the symbol of an ace of spades which is known as the “trump card“. A trump card, for those who’ve never played any card games, is the ultimate card that can be played and assures victory for the holder. I believe, as much as Chuck Pierce believed that this Easter, we will see a sign of victory evidenced at this time.

Jane Hamon also proclaimed 2017 a  “comeback” and a “triple crown year”. Comebacks indicate a return to a status of victory after suffering loss. In as much as a triple crown event is the culmination of three successive victories in horse racing, I believe that what the word proclaimed by Jane Hamon signifies is an assurance that we will be overcomers in this year through a series of victories. If that first victory is indeed revealed through this Passover and Resurrection Day season, rest assured that it is the first leg of this triple crown event. With that in mind, your response should be to rejoice and to have an expectation of seeing the revelation of the other victories unfold before the coming of the Hebrew Year 5778.


QUESTION: What are the other things that you see as a proper response to the prophetic words of prophets? How will you respond in this season?


This is the conclusion to this series of blogs covering the prophetic word by Kim Clement and what I believe the 10 battles that may be instrumental in deliverance for Israel and the Church. Click the above link to see the prophetic message. Click Here to read Part One of this series.


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