Prophets Arise: Your Call to Boldly Speak the Word of the Lord

Over the last few weeks, I had the opportunity to read and re-read Apostle John Eckhardt’s book Prophet, Arise: Your Call to Boldly Speak the Word of the Lord. This is a time that has been so full of prophetic significance that I felt the urge to peruse the writings of someone who has been in the prophetic ministry for well over thirty years. As a result, I wanted to share some of my gleanings, as I believe that it is valuable for anyone who desires to understand or learn about prophetic ministry.prophet-arise

For anyone who is interested in the subject of prophecy, you’ll find that John Eckhardt approaches the subject of prophecy and the prophetic ministry easy to understand and inviting for anyone who has an interest or desire to know about it. He gives many scriptural foundations for the call of a prophet. One of the things I found personally engaging in this book is in how he points out the heart of a prophet. Prophets are unique people within the body of Christ and with the unique call to the five-fold ministry, seeing how prophets work with apostles, pastors, evangelists, and teachers is a great balance to the ministry.

John also gives both biblical examples as well as present day application for those who are called to operate as prophetic ministers. He also explains that prophetic people don’t just come in one form but ministers in numerous ways; scribes, musicians, singers, dancers, preachers, and more. John’s description of the purpose of the prophet may awaken you to see yourself and your place in prophetic ministry if this is something that you believe that God is calling you to.

I honestly believe that this book is essential to anyone who first has a desire for the prophetic. I also believe that it is for anyone in ministry as it will help in giving insight into how prophetic ministers and the prophetic presbytery fit into ministry and aid the body in maturity.


QUESTION: Have you felt a call to prophetic ministry? How are you equipping yourself in this season?


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  1. […] year I reviewed both John Eckhardt’s books Prophetic Activation and Prophets Arise. Both of these books are powerful in what they present to those who believe that they have either […]

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