Prophetic Activation: Break Your Limitation to Release Prophetic Influence [Book Review]

Last week I covered John Eckhardt’s book Prophets, Arise! Today, I wanted to share my review of another book titled Prophetic Activation: Break Your Limitation to Release Prophetic Influence. I don’t know whether or not these two books were meant to be companion books or not. As far as I can tell, they were both released very close together. So, I felt it was appropriate to follow up the last book by reading this one. prophetic-activation

Where you might have gained a sense that the first book was God leading John in truly awakening the call of the prophetic in this generation, the book Prophetic Activation leads the reader through a series of prophetic activation exercises, which are similar to the ones that he uses during throughout his ministry. Each successive chapter takes you deeper from one level of prophetic activation to another. As you go from one chapter to the next, you should see how greater confidence is built up in the person who receives activation.

One of the things that I found to be quite encouraging was John’s attention to focus on the why’s of certain prophetic ministry activations. It’s not enough to know them but to know why helps the reader to see that things aren’t being done for the sake of doing it. Each thing being instructed serves a purpose.

I’d recommend this to any person who is interested in the prophetic ministry. If you are a ministry leader who is desiring to see the prophetic ministry working in your church, this would also make a great initial study and equipping tool. So if that fits you or you are just simply curious because I’m recommending this, I’d say definitely read this one. You’ll be blessed for sure.


QUESTION: Do you have questions about what it’s like to be activated in the ministry of the prophetic?


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