A Return to Love and Things That Matter

Within the last 72 hours, it would seem as though there was a nationwide Amber Alert that was somehow sounded off within the African American and Latin American community. The recent reports of missing teens from the Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia area seems to have spiked and have struck a nerve for many. According to a recent article, police from the District of Columbia are stating that the reality of these missing children isn’t a sign of a surge in missing children but rather their more concerted effort to utilize social media to get the word out and get assistance from the community to help in the search for these young people.

AMBER Alert highway sign alerting motorists to...

AMBER Alert highway sign alerting motorists to a suspected child abduction in Northern California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While there is outrage over what appears to some a conspiracy to cover-up or downplay the issue impacting African American and Latin American families, it should be a signal to many that there are more pressing and important matters at hand for families than much of what has inundated the media during the last 60 days. Just to put a spotlight on the subject, Baltimore has seen 71 homicides in the first 79 days of 2017 and is ranked among US cities with the highest homicide rate. Chicago has seen 129 homicides as of this date and there have been 58 in Washington D.C.

A recent CNN report reveals a timeline of events that shows the epic fail of the government in Michigan to deal with the water crisis in Flint, MI. What many thought should have been an easy fix has turned into a decade-long nightmare for many of its residents and few are even aware that it is still a problem that has not been resolved, or that residents are still in dire need of clean water for daily use.

The seriousness of each of these issues signals an alarm that it is time for a return to love in America. It doesn’t matter your age, race, religion, political affiliation or economic status. What matters is that you have a heart that beats and eyes that see the state of this nation and the direction it’s going into. What is before us is a clarion call to reawaken our hearts to love our neighbours as ourselves. The needs of our fellow citizens, our neighbours, our mothers and fathers, our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters should be a priority.

So many have lampooned the president in his appeal to “Make America Great Again,” yet, one of the things that have always shown the world of America’s greatness has been the capacity for love and compassion in the face of crisis. Whether it was facing Hurricane Katrina or Sandy, attacks on 9/11, Columbine High School, Sandy Hook Elementary, San Bernardino, Boston, or Orlando, Americans have shown that America has the capacity for love. However, it shouldn’t be that it takes for a crisis to hit home for us to finally be awakened to a need. If we are truly one nation under God, what affects one of us should concern all of us.

Over the last few weeks, I covered in a series of blogs a prophetic word that had been given by the late Prophet Kim Clement and a vision he had regarding a betrayal in the White House. In that series of blogs, I highlighted a number battles that I believed would significant, as they seemed relevant to the 10 battles that Prophet Kim stated would be faced in this nation as a result of that betrayal.  I made a connection between the ten battles to the ten plagues of Egypt. It is interesting to note that the tenth plague and the first plague are both highlighted in two of the three main issues I’ve mentioned earlier in this post. The tenth plague happened to be the one emphasising the protection of children. The first plague covers the water systems. These are bookend issues that should signal to us all the need to acknowledge what matters most.

Now is a time to truly love our neighbours by standing with one another. Some can begin by simply praying for those who are facing such hardships. We may not be directly facing the tragedy, but our hearts can cry out to God for justice, resolution, restoration and wholeness. Some can actively participate in searching for lost souls or watching the streets to keep them safe for those travelling. Some can give out of the abundance of personal resources. Whatever it may be that you are capable of doing goes a great way to helping to turn things around. Let’s show the world that there America can return to love and all things that matter.


QUESTION: What are some other ways we can show more love for the things that truly matter?

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