Don’t Miss the Significance of This Moment

Nearly three years ago the world was shook by the reports of 300 girls from Nigeria being taken from their home by Islamist extremist Boko Haram. The hashtag Bring Back Our Girls became a rallying cry for the world as they sought for answers and a resolution to a problem which was not a new one, yet one that became quite apparent because it was so concentrated in one local. At that time, I wrote about the hope that it signaled for the attention it was bringing to the worldwide epidemic of human trafficking.


At the time of that post, I was amazed by a Global Report on Trafficking in Humans which was compiled by the United Nations on Drugs and Crime. In that report, it was discovered that “79% of all human trafficking is sexual exploitation related, and another 18% is forced labor related.” At that time, it had been stated that many governments were in denial about the severity of human trafficking. While America has not been one of those nations that was in denial, the ability to combat it had been greatly hampered by other nations that were uncooperative in the endeavor to crack down on those who were responsible.

At the outset of his campaign for presidency, then candidate Donald Trump made a key issue of two things, protecting the southern border by completing the already under-constructed wall along the Mexican border and reducing illegal immigration, as well as securing other entryways to the nation to prevent terrorism by Islamic extremists. 

One might conclude that the ‘struggle is real,” as President Trump has faced continued opposition to both protect the border and to get cooperation from 12th District Federal Courts to uphold his executive order to heighten security screening of people entering the country from six specific nations. As many along the east coast are questioning the disappearance of dozens of people in the last few weeks, I’ve found it interesting that no one has either raised the question about human trafficking or the potential connection to terrorism or the border.

It was three years ago in Maryland, Immigration and Customs Enforcement reported of gang members “allegedly committed murders, kidnappings, extortion, and witness tampering.” It was barely a year ago that members of a gang had been convicted of gruesome kidnapping and murder in Virginia. It had not been determined at the time as to whether any involved were “anchor babies or illegal immigrants,” yet the significance cannot be missed that a problem exists. Just this year, a report went out of another incident in Houston, Texas.

Don’t miss the prophetic significance of this season. Whether you agree with who is in office or not, there is an importance to securing the nation’s borders and rooting out evil where it is found. The time to acknowledge that there is a problem and that children are at risk is now. When I wrote several weeks ago about the prophetic message by the late Prophet Kim Clement and connected it to the ten plagues of Egypt, I had not included the relationship to these recent kidnappings. However, I believe that if we as a nation will rise up and both pray about this situation, as well as align ourselves in agreement with the president’s desire to do what is necessary to preserve the safety of the nation, God will intervene, provide us with what we need and restore to us what has been lost.

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We do not have to lost heart or hope today. The Lord is fully capable of drying up the rivers of lucrative profiting from human trafficking if we are willing to both prophetically and literally revoke the enemy’s illegal entry and authority to what they have no right. Let us do our part and watch God bring the salvation as a nation prays God’s heart for change.


QUESTION: What other things are you seeing as significant during this time? How are you handling it?


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