What If False Prophets Aren’t Just In The Church?

The United States Constitution is to America what the Bible is to The Christian. The devaluing of that constitution is to ensure the demise of America in the same way that devaluing the Bible would mean the sure destruction the Church of Christ. While Christ has assured that the gates of hell would never prevail against the Church, there is no such guarantee that the same can be said of America if the Church in America does not do its part to ensure the sanctity of the various documents that shape this nation.

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As we look at the current state of the nation there are many who are trying their best to redefine the identity and purpose of this nation. Where many have grown up with the understanding that this was a nation that was founded upon the belief that it should be a place where the people can be free to worship, it has turned to a nation that is seeking to be free from worship. In a time where the nation has been built up as a nation of laws, many of which are based upon scriptures from a Judaeo-Christian foundation, it has now become a place where many are seeking to tear the foundations to remake a nation without laws, or at the very least a lack of respect for it.

How did this turn of events happen? It came from the invasion of false prophets? You may have the opinion that false prophets are only something that exists within the context of the church or places where the religious abide. However, the reality is that there are false prophets everywhere. There are false prophets who are mingling a false narrative through media, the arts and entertainment industries, and even the halls of education and governmental institutions. You can even find them in places of business, the family as well as the familiar religious sector of society.

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Who are these false prophets? They are the ones who are twisting truth with a self-serving agenda that does not uphold the virtues and ideals that this nation was founded upon. They are the same ones who wish to tear down rather than build up, confuse instead of bring clarity, distort rather than deal with reality, make right out of what’s wrong and call what is right wrong.

What are the false messages coming from these false prophets? One of the false messages is the message of tolerance. Everyone has to be tolerant of every opinion and train of thought except those who have an opinion that’s based in a biblical worldview. There must be tolerance for everything except righteousness or faithfulness to God. There must be tolerance for love of every kind except when it looks too wholesome and pure.


How can this be overcome? The only way to right a ship is to turn it around. When a ship is heading in the wrong direction, it was often important for those who have discovered it to look for the North Star as a point of reference to give an indication of where it was in relationship to where it needed to be going. Today, many ships come with sophisticated navigational systems. However, how do you steer a nation in the right direction? You can’t simply consult a GPS navigational system. Instead, you have to get back to the heart of what made the nation from the start. In part, that is the foundational written documents this nation was founded upon.

For much of the nation, this means a revival and restoration to the heart of free worship that many had during the times when this nation was seeking to stand on its own two feet. Many criticize that this is idolizing less than perfect days. What these people fail to understand what that while there were many who were not perfect people, the ideals of those people were none the less genuine in their desire to establish something great. Can we as Christians not see that even the very Bible which we hold so dear was scribed by failing men who were inspired by God to convey His message of love to us. These were not perfect people. No, they were imperfect, yet God said he could use them to provide the instructions necessary to draw His creation back to Himself.

In as much as the bible tells us that there would be false prophets, we must also confront those false prophets in every sector of society to ensure that this nation become the nation that God desired it to be as a witness to the rest of the world. We have to present truth in love to confront the lies. We cannot go quietly into the night in fear of their magnified cries but respond resolutely and sure. True prophets must take position in every sphere and denounce the false prophets and proclaim truth until the light appears and the darkness is displaced.


QUESTION: What are you doing in this time where false prophets appear in places other than the church?

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