Forgiveness is Essential for the Church

In a day and age when so many people are questioning everything, now is a time for the Church to show love in a different way. If you haven’t noticed, the last couple of days have been inundated by the reports of distrust in the government to keep a lid on information and media to report effectively and honestly, and Hollywood comedians taking their act to unheard of extremes.

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It can be easy to fall into the trap of attack and embrace anger and frustration over it all, yet we are admonished to not be surprised by any of this in the Bible. This is a time in which the Church must show love in the form of forgiveness. This comes through the attributes of grace and mercy. It would be easy to be as the world and say that those who have committed these offenses or play a part in the chaos that has been created are undeserving or unworthy of forgiveness. However, the church must show forgiveness.

This is not to say that the great offenses are to be ignored or that no one should be held accountable. It is that we will not be the ones to condemn or shame the people for what has occurred. We know that many of these people who have committed the offenses have either been manipulated or swept up in a spirit that they are unaware of affecting them. While there may be a spirit of evil at play, these people themselves are not evil but in need of prayers to be awakened or have the veil lifted from their eyes to see what harm is being done by the actions that are being played out.

There is a generation of people who are looking to the Church to see how it will respond to the things that are taking place. If the Church acts in haste and misaligns itself to an agenda that in not God’s agenda, it will tarnish the image of God and the power of the gospel to change a nation in need of redemption and restoration.

Forgiving the offenders is an opportunity for the Church to acknowledge that harm was done but that the Church as a representation of God in the earth is able to look beyond the wrong done to say that we can love you in spite of it and desire what’s best for you anyway. There is no glory for the Church in seeing any man or woman lose a job or career go down the tubes.

While these things may become an eventuality for some, we are not to glory in it or to shame them because¬† of it. We are to pray for them and be a shoulder to lean on. While we look for justice, our prayer should be one that seeks God’s mercy that the fruit of any actions are minimized and that righteousness will return to the places where it went missing.

Can the Church in America be a people who will love through forgiveness, show with grace and mercy? Can the Church in America seek the betterment of America while not stooping down to low level tactics and base behaviors? If Jesus could forgive a woman caught in the act of adultery and send her on her way while acknowledging to others that he was the only one who would have been justified in condemning her, yet didn’t, can the Church in America learn to do likewise? Let’s walk in love and forgive.


QUESTION: What would it do for a nation to see a Church that can exhibit a heart of love and forgiveness?


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