Do You Have A Heart Of Humility?

I was recently reflecting on the life of David. When we are first introduced to the David in the Bible he is seen as a young boy working in his father’s field doing the lowest of jobs; tending the sheep. Some people might have the opinion that David was happy to be out in the field and hanging with the sheep. I personally believe that it was probably not the “cool thing” for a kid to do. I don’t for a second think that David was occasionally with other kids his age bragging about all of the things that he saw the sheep do as he watched them. No, tending the sheep was a serious job and he performed it admirably. 

You could ask the question as to why he was given the task of tending the sheep as opposed to any of his elder brothers. That’s a question for another time, but think about it for a moment. Weren’t each of his elder brothers taller, stronger, more capable than he?

Nevertheless, it was David among the sheep when Samuel the prophet was sent to the house of Jesse to choose a new king. Jesse had called all of his sons to meet Samuel except David, believing that if God was calling on one of his sons to potentially be the next king, it had to be one of them. When Samuel attempted to anoint one of them, the oil did not pour and revealed to Samuel that there had to be another. It was only out of reluctance that Jesse called David from the field. When the oil poured out on David, it confirmed for all of them that he would be the next king.

Here’s the interesting thing. The anointing of David didn’t automatically make him king. There was so much that took place between that anointing and the moment he took the crown and his seat upon the throne.

What level of humility must it have taken for David to know that he had been anointed to be king and yet be submissive enough to serve the king? He didn’t run up to the throne and tell of Saul, bragging that he’d been anointed. No, he went right back to the field and tended the sheep. He’d fought lions and bears before fighting Goliath. When he had been sent to his brothers who were serving in King Saul’s army, he’d only gone out of respect for his parents. When he saw the disrespect of the Giant to challenge not just God’s army, but even God Himself, his righteous indignation stirred David’s anger to slay him.

David’s victory over Goliath also did not evoke any sense of bravado to dare to unseat the king. Instead, he served the king faithfully. Even when Saul became jealous of David and his friendship with Jonathan, and because the women were singing songs of his excellence in battle, David remained humble. When Saul sought to kill David, David could have claimed his right to the throne and killed Saul. David did none of that. It was only after Saul ended his own life and Jonathan had also died, that David assumed his rightful place upon the throne.

In total, David had been anointed three times before he’d made his way to his seat of authority. The questions that must be answered today is, do you have the level of humility to endure what must be endured to be patient enough to wait for God to put you in your rightful place? Could you wait as long as required when it’s been prophesied that you’ve been anointed to do something or be someone and it appears that there is another already where you’ve been told you’re going to be?

Merriam-Webster states that humility is “freedom from pride or arrogance. It is the quality or state of being humble.” Does this describe you? If this is you, you position yourself for great things that God desires to unfold in your life. If this is you, you set yourself up for greatness. Humility requires patience, an even temperedness, and a sober-mindedness. Find humility and watch what God is able to accomplish through you.

Whatever your call in life, be it in ministry, career in business, in relation to your family or wherever, it requires humility. People respect people who can be humble. Despite what you may think, no one really appreciates an arrogant person. It’s a real turn off. Find your humility and find the potential for promotion and more.


QUESTION: How do you know when you’re walking in authentic humility?


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