The Year 5778: A Year of the Open Door

In case you hadn’t heard, it’s a new year. For those of you who are used to hearing happy new year’s greetings in January, know that there are millions all over the world who are recognizing the new year that began for the Hebrew nation with the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, known as the Head of the Year. According to the Hebrew calendar, it is the year 5778 and the year 5777 has come to a close. 

Image Credit: Joshua Ivan Sudrajat

The new year has great significance for many as people are looking at the meaning of each number and associating each to the Hebrew letters and picture that it produces. Many already know that the number five is a number signifying grace, the number seven signifies perfection, completion, or maturity, and the number eight denotes a new beginning. However, when looking at these numbers in relationship to the Hebrew year, the significance is far greater. 

The significance in the year 5778 is in part rooted in the 78 portion, as the 70 is represented by the Hebrew letter Ayin, and the 8 is represented by the Hebrew letter Chet. According to Robert Heidler, 70 represents the season that we are in and Ayin as a letter is synonymous of an eye. In fact, it Ayin means eye in Hebrew and gives indication of an opportunity increased sight. It also gives indication that what you behold is what will you will give your attention to. 

The number eight is represented by the Hebrew letter Chet which is synonymous with the image of a door and actually means door in Hebrew. In fact, it is more precisely an open door. As it is a number that represents new beginnings, it is an open door which leads to a new beginning. 

What does this mean for those who are celebrating this Hebrew New Year? It means that there is an anointing for those who are expectant, to come into the new year with an eye to see the grace and glory of a new beginning and opportunity for great blessings. It will be a year to close out those things that have come to an end and have been completed in Him. It will be a time where those who are mature enough to see Him in a new way, will be enabled to operate in a new anointing as a covenant people, to walk through the doors that have been open. 

With all that has been seen in the last year, recognizing that it was the year 5777, known as the year of the triple crown and the year of the clashing of swords, it is revealing the transition to a people who will dare to be bold, brave, and confront those spiritual forces that have been an opposition to the progress of the Church. As those who have eyes to see capture the heart of God, there will be an opportunity to expand the influence of the Kingdom in places where it has previously been difficult to do so. 

Whether you celebrate the Hebrew New Year or not, know that it is a time worth noting as it will also be reflected even more as we approach the year 2018. Let this be a time of prayer, consecration, and devotion to the word so that as you see more of God, He is able to get more out of and through you. 


QUESTION: What has Rosh Hashanah meant to you? What are you looking forward to as Rosh Hashanah leads to Yom Kippur?  



  1. Theo Christi · · Reply

    It’s great insight, thank you

  2. Deborah Henderson · · Reply

    I love the artwork. How can I purchase a copy? Thankyou and God bless you.

    1. The artist name is Joshua Ivan Sudrajat. You would most likely have to reach out to him, but he is in Indonesia.

  3. David Solomon · · Reply


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