The Essential Guide to Prayer: How to Pray with Power and Effectiveness [Review]

As this year continues to move on, I’ve been going from book to book on praying. Dutch Sheets book The Essential Guide to Prayer: How to Pray with Power and Effectiveness is no slouch of a book. Although there is a brevity in length to this book, it makes up for it by packing in a vast amount of applicable wisdom for equipping the reader for praying. Dutch does share some of the same testimonies as was in his book on intercessory prayer, but with a different focus, you get a subtle yet powerful nuance in it that awakens you to desire to become a more effective person of prayer. 

Image Credit: The Essential Guide to Prayer Cover Art

While Dutch has a complete book devoted to intercession in his book titled Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth, this Essential Guide to Prayer takes you as the reader through all of the reasons why you should become an intercessory, what that means, how to find pleasure in it, and to not be passive. I mentioned in my blog on his book on intercessory prayer that I’ve read just about every book by E. M. Bounds on praying, and what I have found in this book is that his chapter titles are very reminiscent of Bounds in the subject of each. 

Know that great ministries are birthed in prayer. If you don’t have time for an in-depth study on praying, this book will cause to feel as though you got it in the shortest of time. It’s like a true crash course. You’d definitely want to dissect every inch of text just and take notes like you were sitting in a class or summit. This is one book anyone who wants to become stronger in prayer can take and digest over and over for strength and power. 



QUESTION: If you’ve read this book, in what ways did it impact you in the area of prayer?  


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