The Power of Your Words [Part 5]

This week we are covering the fifth part of this look at the power of your words. We’ve already seen how there is power in your words which can affect four other mountains of culture; faith, family, education and business. This time we are concentrating our exploration upon the mountain of celebration or the mountain of arts & entertainment. There is such a greatness to the mountain of celebration because that mountain is where people’s spirits may be lifted from low places to places of great heights.

Image Credit: Fokko Veenstra

We know that God has desired that we go from glory to glory. This isn’t just in terms of worship and Christian experience. God has so set in us the capacity for greater, that we are never more who we’ve been created to be when we are in pursuit of fruitful growth and maturity.

The mountain of celebration has a way lifting spirits when there has been an experience of great loss. It has the ability to foster creativity at times when we’ve lost the capacity to imagine the possibilities that are right in front of us. The power of your words on the mountain of celebration is one of encouragement. On this mountain we can be reminded of the great milestones and accomplishments we’ve made, so that we are encouraged to strive for the next one.

Whether you consider dancing, singing, painting, engaging in sports as an athlete or cheerleader, you are providing the fuel and spark that ignites that passion for new levels. There were times in the life of King David, where he said that he had to encourage himself.  I can imagine that when he and his men came back from battle, only to find that their camp had been invaded, he had to encourage himself because no one else was in the frame of mind or spirit to do it.

Image Credit: Nealle Page

David was a natural worshiper throughout his life. This may have been born of the struggles of his youth. He played music, wrote poetry and songs. David learned the value of getting in the mode of encouragement because oftentimes, he had no one to turn to but God. When we use words of encouragement on the mountain of celebration, we give permission to others to rise up from low places, strive for better even in times when things are going well, and stave of settling at times when it could be so easy to do that.

Even when facing difficult times, celebration isn’t about ignoring or pretending that something bad has occurred. It is a way of building the strength to continue on in the face of that event or circumstance. Encouragement or the use of encouraging words in the arts, entertainment, and sports activities can turn situations around that need to be elevated.

Imagine the transformation that can be brought to society through the mountain of celebration when we choose to speak words of encouragement. Speaking those words of encouragement can transform people from being broken-hearted to being completely renewed. Allow yourself the opportunity to be a transformer of culture by speaking encouragingly to those you come into contact with. Make it an opportunity for them to celebrate along with you. They say misery loves company, but the truth is that people live to be celebrated. Celebrate with the power of an encouraging word.


QUESTION: In what ways do you see your words having an impact on the mountain of celebration?

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